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Teachergive Sale 2023

My Husband’s Food Creation

>> Dec 19, 2009

Hi, have a nice weekend to all of you…

Today post is about one of my hubby’s hobbies. My
hubby loves to cook. He’s good at the kitchen. Whenever he has spare times, he makes his favorite dish or experiment on making a new creation. Being compared with him, my cooking ability is just average; I’m a typical woman who has just cooked after becoming someone’s wife, hehehe. Before marriage, cooking isn’t one of my hobbies…

Though my husband is good at cooking things, every day meal is still my responsible. Thank God, he has never protested my home cooking; and moreover, I can learn a lot about cooking from him.

In this post, I’ll share some pictures of his noodle food creations. We have these pictures because we’ve ever joined them to a cooking contest several months ago. Yes, we don’t win the contest (though I wonder why, hahaha); but I think the food’s performance are good enough to share here. I don’t translate in detail each food’s name and I don’t mention the recipes; but if you are interested to know the recipe, please let me know, I’ll send it to you…

  • Mi Goreng Ceker - Fried Noodle with Crispy Fried Chicken Skin Legs.

  • Mi Kuah Wortel - Gravy Carrot Noodle. Look at the orange gravy, it's a smooth blended carrot...

  • Parodi (Panggang Roti Isi Mie) - Toast Wheat Bread with Fried Noodle inside.

  • Mie Goreng Torang (Tauco Jamur Merang) - Fried Noodle with Tauco Sauce and Mushroom.

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