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Don’t Be Late to Maximize Potency of Your Child’s Brain

>> Dec 15, 2009

I think most of parents have already known that the first four years age of a child is golden age times. Why? Child’s intelligence ability will develop fast as much as 50% in the first four years; 30% for 4-8 years old children and only 20% for 8-18 years old. So, based on this fact, the best times for parents’ role to maximize potency of their children’ brain is the first four years...

For several parents, giving lessons to under five years old
children is still taboo. They assumed that children are still plain; and it’s better to let them grow and develop by themselves. What a pity; because of their unawareness, these parents don’t make the best use of golden age of their children. The neglect of golden age times will result in children’ learning difficulty, especially at their primary school times.

Center of children’ growth and development is the brain. What can you do as parents to maximize the use of your child’s golden age times?

Give proper nutrient since early age.
There is much nutrient needed for brain development: protein and amino acid, AA-DHA, gangliosida, kolin, and micro nutrient (iron, zinc, iodium, folat, vitamin A). This entire important nutrient is available completely in breast milk. That’s why breastfeeding your baby is very important! To know more about giving proper meals for children, it’s better if you consult to a nutritionist.

Give enjoyable stimulation to train your child’s brain.If you noticed, there are several methods to maximize potency of child’s brain (floor times, Glenn Doman, biolearning, etc). In this post, I’ll mention a little about floor time method.

Floor time is a recently developed brain stimulation method. The aims of floor time method are: to develop child’s potency, to enhance emotional closeness between parents and child, to train communication and thinking ability; and to increase child’s self confidence. In short, you can say that floor time is a playing and interactive tool, as long as 20-30 minutes, between parents and child. To interact and play can be repeated several times per day.

Several points in floor time method that parents should understand are:
  • Parents and child play interactively every day for about 30 minutes.
  • Focus completely in your child’s wants. Turn off TV and radio.
  • Follow your child’s idea; initiate comes from your child.
  • Let your child to decide what she/he wants to play/tell and how to do it (of course, the game depends on your child’s age).
  • Don’t take over to lead the game, parents should play actively as your child wants and be her/his friend. You should build interactive communication here!
  • Stimulate your child to response spontaneously; it aims to increase your child’s creativity! Try to be a connector of his/her toys. Ex: when you’re playing a frog puppet; imitate and speak like a frog.
  • In floor time method, avoid playing game boards, because the purpose is to interact creatively and spontaneously. Game boards tend to build structured interaction, not creatively.
Well parents, whatever brain stimulation method that you choose, the most important is: don’t be late to do it!

Rewrite source: Kompas and google
The picture is taken from help-your-child-with-anger.com

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