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Poisoned Relationship (3)

>> Dec 8, 2009

It’s the last post of poisoned relationship topic.

Third condition: “I want to rule you
It’s a message that stated by a person that categorized as a ‘bossy’. Different with the ‘difficult’ person, the ‘bossy’ person used to take over all responsibilities. If this person is in your team work; she/he will ask opinion to every team member; and then suddenly she/he steps forward and admits these opinions as her/his own opinion.

It is unpleasant situation for the victims who have original opinions/ideas. But, this ‘bossy’ person is so clever to manipulate others, so, the victims can’t be protest. This person usually has the ability to influence others; therefore, she/he often becomes a leader.

The ‘bossy’ persons don’t realize that what they do make others stressful. With their charm and cleverness, they continuously pull their manipulated victims to facilitate them in achieving their own wants. They can make others look bad or ‘stupid’; and she/he is the best.
How to face the ‘bossy’ person?
  • If she/he involve in the same team work; don’t answer the questions. If the ‘bossy’ is your superior, seek a way to keep your idea safe with you.

  • Don’t pay attention if she/he tells about rumor or someone’s badness.

  • Speak out your objection straightly. Convince yourself that you’ve done the right thing.

  • If your objection doesn’t have enough attention, and her/his behavior burdens you continuously; do the detox. Stop seeing her/him or take a distance. If the bossy person is your parents or your spouse; find a reason to stay away for awhile. You need a rest!
Rewrite source: Nirmala magazine and google

The picture is taken from open.salon.com

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