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Teach Your Children to Compromise

>> Dec 23, 2009

Compromise actually is a process of giving and taking, a sign of strength not weakness, and an avenue toward a win – win situation for everyone involved. By teaching your children to solve problem among them with compromise, you also train them to learn to discuss and to build their empathy feeling.

If you have child more than one, apply compromise method in your
family earlier. Start it from little things. Ex: when your children struggle each other to have your attention, tell them to ‘draw’ the order; to decide who will be the first, second… The other has to wait, listen and be patient waiting his/her turn.

An expert said that compromise can be taught to children since 4 or 5 years old. In this time period, your child still won’t be understood if you explain the meaning of compromise, negotiation, or diplomacy. So, the appropriate way to teach your child is by applying it in their games.

While your
children are playing, it can be often if then quarrel or ‘conflict’ happens. The cause usually is no one wants to wait his/her turn to play; every child wants to be the first. If between them there is none who wants to give way, as parents, you should involve solving the situation. It’s the right time for you teaching them compromise. You may give alternative solutions, but with your guidance, let your children have the solution together.

I’ll continue this compromise topic in my next post. In my opinion, compromise thing in a family is one of interesting topic to be discussed. You might have your own question, should parents compromise with their child? Well, we’ll discuss it later.

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