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Teachergive Sale 2023

Couple’s Corner: Shopping Experience

>> Dec 16, 2009

I’m not a spontaneous buyer; I use to write a shopping list or at least make a plan in my mind before leaving home to go shopping. This habit doesn’t change much after I’ve become a wife. Before marriage, I really enjoy shopping alone at malls, or wandering around a mall to do window shopping… I love spend hours at a big book store for free reading the latest books. Just seeing displayed good stuffs can be so refreshing for me!

After marriage; there’s no more shopping alone at malls, my hubby
forbid me doing it. For buying daily household needs, I use to buy it at nearby stores. We only go to the mall to buy needed stuff that it isn’t available at little stores. We seldom buy things to fill our wardrobe, twice a year shopping for clothes is quite enough for us. Of course as a woman, I like wearing good clothes; but I’m not a fashionista who always wants to catch up the latest trend or every big sales. I’ve my own style. I’m also not crazy in branded things, it’s only because we still can’t afford it, hehehe.

My hubby like to shop in a flea market, he’s good in bargaining (not like me). We go to a flea market almost every week to buy fresh foods. When we’re at a flea market, I use to only follow him here and there; he’s totally in charge.

We avoid credit card, we always pay in cash or using our debit cards. I think it’s the safest way because we won’t get trapped in debt. Living debt free is so enjoyable, right?

hubby is more spontaneous than me in buying things. Our finance condition is tight now, so, I have to accompany him often to remind him whether he needs or just wants the stuff. We should think twice before paying expensive things…

Well, it’s a brief story of mine, how about you? If you want to know other
couple’s shopping experience, just click the badge above!

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