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Couple's Corner : Kiss and Make Up / Reconcile

>> Dec 4, 2009

It's my first Couple's Corner. In Couple's Corner, we're sharing our stories about things that may happen in a married couple's life. Happy reading...
If many couples have lots of similarities, we don’t. My hubby and I have many differences in habits and characters; and we’ve truly known it. Before we decided to unite in a marriage, we’ve already realized that our differences can become the cause of the misunderstandings in our future relationship.

Therefore, we made commitments to prepare at first our own kiss and make up ways from every miscommunication / conflict / misunderstanding that possibly happen. Here are our ways:

  • We have our reconcilement signs. If we’re in the middle of a misunderstanding and one of us is pointing forward the bended little finger, the other isn’t allowed to reject the reconcilement invitation. This funny way can always break the ice; and it becomes a good start to communicate heart by heart.
  • Before going to bed every night, we have a habit to
forgive one another to start a brand new day tomorrow. During our seven years marriage life, because of our big differences, we’ve experienced misunderstandings several times; but all are little ones that can be solved in a short time. We’ve never keeping quiet for days; because we must ask for apologize every night! So, this way really works for us…
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