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Teachergive Sale 2023

5 Professions You Can’t Live without in Melbourne

>> Jun 10, 2012

The city of Melbourne encompasses over 4 million people, a huge diversity of lifestyle and countless professions. Having experts in all kinds of fields makes life easier when you come across a specific kind of problem, though it’s easy to feel like we could do without a lot of them. The following five, however, are absolutely indispensable!

Good food makes life worth living, and the people who create and prepare our tasty delights play a big part in keeping us sane. Restaurants in Melbourne are a bragging point of the city – there are places to be romantic, to celebrate milestones with our families, to have business meetings and to unwind. Being the artist behind the food should be respected as one of the most important roles in our society.

Real Estate Agents
 Melbourne is tough city to navigate at the best of times, especially if you are trying to decide where to live. Don’t try and do it alone. Real estate agents in Melbourne know this city back to front, and they are your most important ally when looking for somewhere to rent or researching the property for sale. Melbourne is full of different districts, all with different characters, and if you want to know where to buy investment property or which is the right district to make your home, they know what’s what.

These professionals are sometimes the only thing between you and death. Living in a big city like Melbourne can be fraught with danger, from traffic accidents to sporting injuries, which makes this high-stress profession one of the most important in our city. So even if you are healthy and don’t think you’ll need a surgeon anytime soon, you’d have to agree it’s good to have them around.

Though Melbourne is a fantastic place to live and work, like anywhere, sometimes life seems like not that much fun. That’s where this essential professional comes in, the comedian. A huge part of the entertainment scene in this city, comedians help us unwind, have a laugh and teach us not to take ourselves so seriously. They also offer us that slightly warped mirror of ourselves which enables us to try and stay human.

No person can live without music. Whether it is the tunes on the radio as you head off to work in the morning, the CDs you put on to help relax at the end of the day, or the gig you hit up on a Friday night to get your groove on with your mates, music and musicians are essential to our survival. Though we can physically survive without it, music has been part of human expression forever and it plays a crucial role in providing us with a way to relax and not think too much. Melbourne is spoilt for choice, and some would argue that it is this great resource that is responsible for Melbourne being a more creative and open minded city as a whole.

These 5 professions are truly indispensable, so be sure to show your love for these great professions when you next get the chance.

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