Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

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>> Jun 11, 2012

We shall help you to find out how a definite person treats you what he thinks about you. For this we need only two photos - yours and the man's. In 1-3 days you'll receive our reply by e-mail. This piece of information will help to make your life better and avoid difficulties. The order price includes data of one person. If you send us 5-10 photos you will get a 50% discount.  


For example a guy recently addressed us. He had had relations with his girlfriend for one and a half year. He loved her and wanted to marry her. He wanted to find out how his girl treated him, what her real feelings was and whether she wanted to marry him. It turned out that the girl cheated on him, she had no intention to marry him. She stayed with him only for his expensive presents, for being taken at parties. By the way she had another boyfriend at the same time. 

Here's a similar example. A girl addressed us who had two admirers. Both of them told that they loved her. Both paid their nice addresses to her. She liked both and didn't know whom to choose. Having worked with the photos, our psychic concluded that one guy loved the girl sincerely, and the second one just pretended to love her. He simply enjoyed the girl; she was the matter of boast for him. After revealing this information the girl turned down the liar, because now she was aware of his motivation. The boy had nothing to do so he confessed.

Here's another example. A young retail manager Stiven has been worked for 3 years for his company. He did well and desired to take the seat of chief supervisor. His boss had told him he would take the desired position. He was also told he was the best applicant for that position. Nevertheless time passed but nothing changed.

Stiven uncertain what to do and asked us for help. It turned out that his boss cheated on him and never wanted Stiven to take the position of supervisor. The boss had even chosen another candidate for the job. When Stiven asked his workmate the last was already aware of his promotion.

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