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Aggression - Signs, Types and Cures

>> Jun 20, 2012

This modern world has thrown open a lot of competition between people. One has to be on their toes to stay a step ahead of everybody. This has led to a lot of aggression in people and it starts to show in their behavior. While sometimes aggression may appear to be a good thing to seek personal development, it can be harmful and is a worry.

Many people fail to realize the difference between assertiveness and aggression. While assertiveness deals with making bold assertions and making things clear cut, aggression cam be quite hostile and intrudes on the path of others. One may not realize that he/she is aggressive in their behavior but some simple analysis will reveal if he/she possesses aggression:
  • The person is hostile and defiant. He/she is hard to stay or work with
  • He/she always has a fighting mentality and a tendency to harm others
  • The person may feel like abusing others and sometimes derives pleasure from it
  • He/she has utter disregard for property belonging to him/her or to others
The sense of domination is so strong in the persons that they have the least care for others or do not feel much what other persons may feel. Aggression may occur in different forms and types and results in different ways. The various types of aggressive can be:
  • Physical form of violence is a form in which the aggressor intends to harm another person, the receiver, causing him intense pain, suffering and at times even death. This generally occurs in persons who have anger issues or severe frustrations
  • Verbal aggression is another form where the aggressor makes use of threats, abuses, screams, taunts, sarcasms, yells and others
  • Non-verbal aggression deals generally with intimidations. Clenching of the fists, bruxism or clenching of the teeth, a daring and glaring look, stalking and destruction of property of the receiver are the signs of it
  • A person may also be passively aggressive and he/she is generally negative in his/her behavior. The person is angry but cannot or do not wish to show it. His/her reaction will generally be in the form of feeling upset, giving angry looks, showing displeasure, sulking, subconsciously underperforming a task etc.
It is a need to deal with aggression otherwise the person may go into trouble and may begin to develop mental problems. They may form borderline personality disorder, anti-social personality, attention deficiency, hyperactivity, utter defiance etc. People may also turn to alcohol, drugs and may become addicts.

For reduction of aggression some simple steps may be followed which will have a positive impact. If one is aware that he/she is aggressive and wishes to control it, then half the work is done.
  • First and foremost thing is to eliminate the root cause of aggression. Analyzing oneself will help a lot in this regard
  • Having found out the cause/s of aggression, it will be unwise to carry on repeating it again and again
  • Have control over yourself and try to keep a cool head as much as possible. Do some deep breathing and relax your mind
  • Try to be more acceptable towards others. Realize that a situation that aggression may actually deteriorate a situation rather than improve it
  • If nothing works then do not shy away from seeking professional help. Sometimes there are anger management courses that help to reduce aggression levels
It is to be remembered that to get temporary results sometimes a little bit of aggression doesn’t hurt. However, in the long run this may not be the case and it is wiser to in control and be assertive rather than be aggressive to reach one’s goal.

Dr. Williams is a registered practitioner, he has specialized skills in doing suboxone treatment, bipolar treatment and anxiety disorder treatment, how ever he also writes informative articles about child psychiatrists, mental illness in children and other  topics related to mental health when he gets free time.

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