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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit the UK

>> Jun 8, 2012

For most people in Australia, buying property is a big decision that seriously affects your finances. You may be torn between putting your savings towards the trip of a lifetime to Europe or spending it on an investment property in Sydney. It is a difficult choice, and it is always wise to seek property advice. Sydney is full of expert buyers’ agents who can help you. However, the favourable exchange rate for Australians in the UK means that there has possibly never been a better time to travel. If you’ve dreamed of exploring far-flung places, here are 5 reasons to visit the UK:

1.       Gateway to Europe
It might seem strange to suggest this is as the first reason for why you should visit the UK, but the fact is that the UK – and London particularly – is a great place to base yourself for more travel to the continent. Countless budget airlines fly to all the top locations in Europe daily, meaning that being in the UK is an opportunity to explore all of Europe.

2.       City Life or Country Town?
If you are from Sydney and you’re looking for cities to fit in with your fast-paced lifestyle, the UK has plenty of great places to explore. On the other hand, the UK has its fair share of quaint country towns and beautiful hillsides as well – you might even consider the highlands of Scotland.
3.       Sightseeing
The UK has an incredible and fascinating historical past, so if you are a history buff, London is a dream: Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London – and Stonehenge only a day trip away. If you love the idea of castles and ruins, then a flight to Scotland – and to Edinburgh in particular – will more than satisfy your curiosity.

4.       Visiting Friends and Relatives
This is quite a practical reason – the chances are that you know someone living the UK and this could be just the right opportunity to visit them. They will be able to show you around or help you find a place to stay when you first arrive. This always makes travel a lot less stressful, and your friend or relative will be delighted to have a visitor from Down Under.

5.       Why Not?
There really aren’t many reasons you shouldn’t consider visiting the UK: it’s both modern and old, busy and quiet, multicultural and a great location to continue your travels. If your home country is part of the Commonwealth and you are under 30 years of age, you are also eligible for a 2-year working visa. This presents you with a great way to finance a longer trip. You may even still be able to buy that property in Sydney when you return! If you are not eligible for a working visa, visitors’ visas are fairly easy to procure – just have a look on the government website to check the requirements.

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