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Road Safety on a Motorcycle Road Trip

>> Jun 6, 2012

Any road trip requires a certain degree of preparation, proper mechanical maintenance and a good understanding of road safety. This is especially true on a motorcycle because of the increased vulnerability you can face from road accidents. When on a motorbike you are not protected by air-bags and you most definitely shouldn't be using a mobile phone to avoid accidents.

There are, however, ways to make your trip safer and more secure. You can install hands free phone options for your motorcycle such as helmet speakers. This can also help you keep in touch with other members of a group if you plan on travelling with others.

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Pre-Trip Maintenance

Having your motorcycle properly maintained should be a priority at all times but it is best to have a check up before your trip. If you are familiar enough with your bike and its safety, you could probably service your bike yourself. However, if you only know how to check the oil then make sure you send it off to a proper mechanic.

The most important things to have checked will revolve around your safety more than the smooth running of your bike. Make sure that the brakes are all working well and, even more important, have the tyres looked at as well. A standard service should be sufficient prior to short road trips though a full service is recommended if you will be riding a long way.

Ongoing Safety Checks

Checking your bike along your trip will be important to avoid accidents or break downs. Whenever you stop to fill up on fuel make sure you have a tyre check and a quick look at the overall state of your bike. It goes without saying that if you are experiencing problems while riding be sure to stop and check out the issue before it gets any worse.

Staying in Touch

Staying in touch on a road trip is very important for your safety. You will have to make sure friends or family know where you are going and where you are at any given time. Luckily this is very easy to do with modern mobile phone systems and even mobile internet.

If you are travelling with other motorcyclists then you should also look into getting a motorcycle intercom. This will not only assist in your communications while riding but it can also be a huge help if anyone is in trouble. You can also advise each other if you spot something wrong with another person's bike.

Avoiding Fatigue

Avoiding fatigue on a motorcycle is just as important as avoiding fatigue while driving your car. It is even harder on a motorcycle, as riding is simply a lot more physical than driving. You will also have less time to react from a lapse in concentration than you would in a car.

Make sure that you plan your motorcycle trip well and allow for as many rest stops as possible. It is a great idea to mark out some interesting landmarks along the way to stop at so that you are not just wasting time on your rest stops. Just the act of getting off the bike for a bit can be the difference between an amazing motorcycle road trip and a terrible accident. Be safe and enjoy your next motorcycle road trip!

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