Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

3 Trending Costume Ideas for 2012

>> Sep 6, 2012

The costume season is here and fashion gurus are shivering with anticipation as they see the new trends of 2012 tumble out of closets. This year has so many nice ideas and new trends to look up to that it would be very difficult to zero in of the best of them. However, some trends and costumes still stand out from the others because of their quality or originality or simple comfort. The following costume ideas are trending right now and with the Halloween around the corner, you could really try some on –

1. Look Like a Cupcake – No, it isn’t a joke but it is, in fact, a new trend. If you are one of those people who admire well decorated cupcakes with loads of colors and frills, then this costume might interest you. Get a cupcake fancy dress costume with your favorite color and you are guaranteed to look delicious. Katy Perry has further made these costumes popular with her ‘California Gurlz’ music video.

You could accessorize with coloring your hair in bubblegum pink or purple to go with your costume. There are many candy accessories to choose from and if you use a little imagination, this could be turned into a brilliant costume.

2.   Go Retro – Who doesn’t like the chic and sophisticated look that trended in 1930’s and stayed till the 50’s? While shows, musicals and films have exploited every bit of retro fashion, costumes are still a bit new to it. Yes, retro costumes are common but they are never really used for fancy dress costume parties. Perhaps, they are more suited for retro themed cocktail parties.

This season, we bring retro to costumes. There is a wide array of things to choose from like pencil skirts, playsuits and brogues to name a few. The colors are various like blood-red, olive-green, with browns and blacks being the forever favorites.

3.   Dress Up Like A Gypsy – Gypsies are mysterious and alluring. Also, they wear their personalities – carefree, open and having a fashion sense of their own. Gypsy costumes are easily the most comfortable of all because they are very wearable. Think about all the palm reading and oracle tents you have seen and then create your look based on that. You could include beads and crystal balls too.

Don’t be afraid of trying your own ideas because that is the purpose of costume parties. You are supposed to look different, so don’t run away from it.

B. Lyttle is a fashion aficionado and loves role play exhibited in fancy dress parties.

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