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Holiday Volunteering - Making You Feel Good as a Family

>> Sep 28, 2012

If your children are older teenagers but you still want them to holiday with you, why not think about a holiday which involves some holiday volunteering? It may not strike you as a holiday but will give you and your family a sense of satisfaction to know that you spent your holiday helping others.

What Type Of Volunteering?
There are many volunteering projects all over the world that require help but not all will be suitable for those planning to do volunteer work abroad with family members. Work such as teaching, certain types of internships and paid work opportunities are the sorts of volunteer work that is only open to those with certain qualifications. There are, however, many other worthwhile projects that require willing and able volunteers to offer their services.

Community And Environmental Projects
If you are interested in helping a community to improve itself and its surroundings then there are opportunities to help with the building and construction of homes and facilities that will benefit many people. Alternatively you may be more interested in environmental issues and there are many ways that volunteers can help. As well as learning about wildlife and its environment there will be the opportunity to help with projects that are working on the conservation of certain species.

Where In The World?
Volunteering abroad means that the world is quite literally your oyster as there are so many places that require people to assist. When you are deciding where to go you will need to think about how long you can go for as this may be relevant. To undertake volunteering opportunities in Australia, for example, you will probably have to go for at least a month due to the distance travelled to get there. There are other environmental and community based projects which will require less of a time commitment and these could be in places as diverse as Thailand and South Africa. Other examples of volunteering abroad may not even feel as if you are working, such as ranching in the United States.

Consider Before You Travel
If you are taking school age children to do volunteer work abroad then the trip will have to be made during the school holidays and avoiding exam time. Some volunteering holidays can be up to 28 days long so you will need to allow for this too.

A lot of projects that require volunteers are in countries with warm or hot climates, so bearing in mind that you will probably want to go during the long summer holidays then this is something that has to be considered.

Whilst volunteering is seen as something that is mainly done by those who are having a break from work or education, it can be a very worthwhile thing for teenagers to do and can be a great educational experience, providing something to tell teachers and friends about when they return to school. Whether you choose to volunteer on a community based project or an environmental one, you and your family will be sure to find the whole experience a thoroughly worthwhile one.

Peter Smith regularly writes for travel websites and blogs items concerning a wide variety of travel concepts which include volunteer work abroad and volunteering abroad.

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