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Hair Loss Causes and Remedies

>> Sep 22, 2012

Hair loss is like cancer, medical science has been on the rollercoaster since the last decade and scientists have found cures for many diseases, but all of our pride comes to a point of shame when it’s about finding the cure of hair loss. The issue is so natural that men now don’t really think too much about it rather they accept the truth that there is no possible cure of this problem. Whereas fact is that cure is there, but only if the victim really wants to solve it. Also it should be remembered that hair fall is natural and it’s a part of the life cycle of a hair, but when the number of hair fall exceeds the limit then it calls for an immediate attention therefore if the hair is falling more than the usual rate then it’s time when you should find the causes and it’s remedies.

There are three phases in a human hair life cycle, anagen,catagen and telogen. The hair is in growing stage when in anagen, then it starts to break down in catagen and finally comes telogen, when the hair is in resting phase. Studies have found that near about 10% of scalp hair could be found resting in telogen at  any time, they generally don’t grow and are prepared for cyclic shedding.

Although too much stress, abrupt  nutritional change , internal system failure can lead to mass hair loss, but they are not considered as primary reason rather it’s a proven fact that if hair loss runs in your family then 90% chance is there that you would experience the same before you come to thirty. Still hormonal changes, nutritional changes, stress these factors can significantly accelerate the process of hair falling and as soon as you point out the causes the more chance that your hair will start to re grow. Sometimes even some drugs can also be the cause of temporary hair fall, instead of finding the causes on your own it’s better that you contact your family physician or a dermatologist who would be able to do a fine analysis of hair fall and provide you with a better solution. Hair loss can also come up as a side effect of other treatments, for example if a person goes through chemotherapy for cancer treatment then he/she would experience a complete hair loss, which is sad and there is no way to stop this.

Treatments- Actually the industry of hair loss medicine is huge and full of scams, therefore the purchaser should stay aware of them. There are only a few medicines which have been scientifically proven to be effective for hair loss and they are also approved by FDA.

Minoxidil- Best for crown area hair loss, it is also available easily and don’t require any prescription. However it is advised to consult with a doctor so as to know about the proper dose.

Prpecia(finpecia)- This medicine is best for those who are experiencing androgenic hair loss, the medicine is FDA approved but only for men, however  when used “off label” in women it showed no side effects but still it’s not recommended to use it for women without getting prior approval of the doctor.

Dutasteride- Recently this medicine has been approved by FDA for hair loss treatment, earlier it was used for treatment of enlarged prostate in men.

Dr Henry is a dermatologist and a regular blogger as well, he has written many articles about hair loss medicines like finpecia kaufen, minoxidil, hair loss prevention etc.

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Natural Hair Regrowth Supplement July 26, 2013 at 10:50 PM  

Hey there,

This post helped also anyone who is also going through hair loss.

Great post here! Hair loss is now common problem to both men and women.

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