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Teachergive Sale 2023

5 Tips on How Caring for the Environment Helps Care for Your Health

>> Sep 27, 2012

An increasing number of people are waking up to the realisation that they can play a part in the protection of the environment. By changing a few day to day habits they can have a positive impact upon the sustainability of the planet. In choosing to adopt the strategies suggested by Gracewell Healthcare and outlined in this article they can also improve their chances of enjoying good health.

 Using Less Electricity
It is well known that the production of electricity can impact local aesthetics and animal habitats. Another effect is the release of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Of course we can all do our bit to reduce these effects by switching off any lights that we are not using and turning off electrical appliances that would otherwise have been left on standby. This would have the knock on effect of reducing electricity bills and any anxiety that we may feel about our finances. A longer term effect could be the preservation of fossil fuels that we all rely upon.

Cycling and Walking
People often make short car journeys to their places of work and shopping centres. However, it is possible to reduce the level of air and noise pollution by making these same trips by foot or on a bicycle. Those of you who take this option will enjoy health benefits such as a reduction in blood cholesterol, and strengthening of the heart. You may also be less stressed and anxious after taking in the local sights at a leisurely pace.

Drinking Tap Water

There is a perception that bottled water is in some way healthier than tap water. However, scientific research has proved that both these beverages are equally as good for you. Moreover, by purchasing bottled water we are supporting the growth of an industry that has a negative impact on the environment. A fairly large amount of carbon dioxide is released during the production of plastic bottles. And pollutants are released during the transportation of these drinks.

Growing Your Own Food 
The fruit and vegetables that are available to buy in local stores are most likely to have been transported over long distances by vehicles that emit harmful gases. They may also have been grown by farmers who have used pesticides and herbicides. As a green consumer you can grow organic tomatoes, broad beans and carrots that are full of healthy nutrients.

Preparing Home Cooked Meals 
Despite receiving a fair amount of bad press, the fast food companies continue to do well. People purchase the types of calorific foods that have been transported by gas guzzling vehicles. They may also waste the paper and plastic packing that the food is wrapped in. However, you can make a stand by purchasing fresh local produce and cooking meals at home. You can include as many healthy ingredients as you like and feel happy in the knowledge that you are being kind to the environment.

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