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Benefits of Customized Wigs

>> Sep 11, 2012

Often the first question asked is why you should opt for customized wigs when you can very easily buy a ready made one.  The reason is that customized wigs or bespokewigs, as some call it, are created just for you and to make them fit you perfectly so that no one apart from you will know whether you are wearing a wig or your real hair. In addition, it is also knotted, or ventilated as it is known in wig language, using the same color and texture of your hair. When you buy a readymade wig, you will not be able to get all these benefits. Given below are a few benefits of having personalized wigs -

1.           Choosing The Wig cap – A lace wig, which is customized to suit you, begins with a wig cap. You can choose from the following types of wig caps –
a)  Swiss Lace Wig Cap - Although Swiss lace is the best quality available, not many wig makers prefer this as it can get easily damaged. This kind of wig cap is very sophisticated as best suited for those who live a slow paced and restful life.
b)  French Lace Wig Cap – For people living a vigorous life, which also includes a lot of outdoor work, this kind of wig cap works best. It is a sturdy lace and is not damaged easily.
c)   Monofilament Lace- It is a delicate and very fine cap like the Swiss lace cap and can be worn in any kind of weather. It does not get itchy and can set as desired by the wearer.
d)  Thin Skin lace – Thin skin lace cap gives a natural appearance and are made of polyurethenane. The only disadvantage of a thin skin cap is that it gets itchy during warm weather and has low level of ventilation.
2.           Choosing the Desired Color and Length– After you choose the type of wig cap, you can choose the color and length of hair to be used in the creation of the wig. The color can be according to the natural color of your hair. For the length, you can decide according to that which is most comfortable for you.
3.           Choosing Different Styles - Getting a customized wig also gives you the option of having layered hair and different styles that will suit your personality or give you a natural look that you are accustomed to.
4.           Choosing Hair Density – You would have observed that hair density is never the same throughout the year. Getting a customized wig lets you choose the density of hair. If you have thick hair, then the wig hair can be dense and you can get full lace for it.

These are some of the advantages of having your wig customized to suit you. A wig is an investment that lets you look your best. Whether you have receding hairline or just wish to change how you look, a customized wig will be the best solution. It can be as natural looking as you want.

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