Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

The Really Organic Wine for You

>> Sep 11, 2012

Why do many people like drinking wine? Moderate wine drinkers who know the benefits will surely answer that drinking wine is giving relaxed feeling, a fine partner for any meal and having healthy consequences on the body. For your further information, there are different conducted studies revealed that wine is safe  for one’s heart and taking wine in control can assist you reduce body mass, protect brain memory, enhance your body defense and develop stronger bones.  


You can obtain all advantages of wine at maximum level only if you choosing the fine wine and consuming it moderately. That’s why is recommended for you to enjoy and achieve added benefits of Sonoma Organic Wine that produced by Benziger Family Winery, the only one winery that their grape farms were already certified and applied sustainable, organic and biodynamic farming programs. Sonoma Organic Wine contains no chemical matter usage or addition –starting from the farming to the wine making. Can you imagine the genuine, the delicious and the impressively rich taste of wines that come from chemical free and healthy environmental vineyards?


Benziger opens the winery for public.  They offer daily wine tours, daily Biodynamic vineyard tram tours, wine tasting, blending class and other interesting events that you can find out more at Benziger.com. Before visiting the website and making a reservation to become their estate guests, make sure that you are at least 21 years old –the legally drinking age!

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