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Tips to Keep Your Mattresses Clean and Hygienic

>> Sep 29, 2012

After a hectic day routine, we all like to sleep on a comfortable and cozy bed. But is it only the comfort that matters in a mattress? Mattress is an important element of sleep and it should be kept clean and hygienic throughout its life. Also, only a clean and well maintained mattress will provide you the most comfortable sleep at the end of the day.

As a matter of fact, the mattress cleaning task is not at all an easy job. People often neglect it due to involvement of too much time and efforts. This happens when you don’t take initial precautions to prevent dust mites, dirt and other allergens. Whenever you will visit a showroom and buy a mattress your salesman will always advise you to perform routine maintenance to increase the life of your mattress. But, i suppose many of you do not even bother to ask what exactly a routine maintenance involves. Well, if you seriously have forgotten to ask about this to your salesman, then keep on reading ahead. Here, we will guide you with few simple and effective maintenance tips so you can have a good and hygienic sleep. 

Tips To Maintain Your Mattresses

Mattress Covers: Whenever you buy a mattress make sure you buy a set of mattress protectors as well. These covers will protect you the surface of your mattress from dust and allergies. Some are specifically designed to reduce the need of vacuuming and dust mite allergies. You can find them in any general home furnishing store or in local stores that keep household items. Alternatively, you can also wrap your mattress with a mattress bag itself to create a protective shield. It is always advised to choose washable mattress covers that are easy to replace.

Mattress Cleaners: There are a wide range of products available in the market specifically designed for mattress cleaning. Instantly buy some good mattress cleaners if you have children or pets at home. A good mattress cleaner can be used for removing stains of drink spills, urine, etc.

Flip Your Mattress:  It is always advised to flip the mattresses after every 6 months so that the bottom side also gets fresh air. Flip the mattress from both the angles i.e the bottom should become the top and the head side should be the foot side.

Wash It Up: You can use upholstery shampoos to clean any stubborn dirt particles on the surface of your rest assured mattress. Another alternative is to use mild detergents or washing soaps. You must apply them only on the affected area with the help of a sponge and warm water. Make sure the area is completely dry before you put back the mattress on the bed. Also, was your mattress covers at least once a month and place them back only when they are completely dry.

Vacuum Once a Month:  It is advisable to run a vacuum cleaner on the mattresses rest assured at least once a month to remove dust from the surface and corner of your mattress. This practice will remove any dry skin that has collected on the mattress cover and sheets. 

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