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Teachergive Sale 2023

Gift Plants to Your Loved Ones for a Meaningful and Everlasting Gift

>> Sep 25, 2012

People are fond of gifting flowers and bouquets on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, farewell and so on. Flowers have always been an integral part of every festival as well. Since childhood i do not remember even a single special day when i could not see a bunch of flowers lying in my home, mostly sent or gifted by some or the other relative of mine. Nevertheless, i agree that gifting flowers is a symbol of love and affection and bring an enormous smile on the face of the receiver. The sad fact is that the life of this beautiful gift is not more than a day. If you really want to gift your loved ones something more beneficial in this category only, then i suppose plants are a great way to begin.

I have seen so many people nowadays gifting outdoor plants, indoor plants and bonsai trees to their friends and families on special occasions. Palm plants are some of the most common gift in this respect. This is a great way to show your love and care for the receiver, as a plant will not only last forever but also add charm and beauty to the environment. It is a great long time reminder as the plants stay for long and grow, if maintained with proper care. 

There are several benefits of gifting plants. First of all,  plants are relatively a much affordable gift option. You will be able to find a good variety of indoor, as well as outdoor plants within the budget of $20-$30. They are easy to buy, as today there are a lot of websites on the internet where you can easily purchase plants and get it delivered safely, either at your place or at the receiver’s place. Make sure you get it gift wrap if you are planning the delivery at the receiver’s place. Here is the list of plants that can you can consider gifting to your loved ones and close friends.

     Salad Greens:  This is an ideal gift for those who are fond of eating salads and green vegetables. You can buy it in a standard pack and plant it in a beautiful pot for gifting purpose. It is definitely be the most appealing present at the occasion. This variety of plant can be transplanted in a place having moderate winters, otherwise it has to be kept in the patio.

     Lonicera Golden Trumpet: It is a climbing plant and widely used in terrace gardens, huge buildings  for its climbing ability that makes the building look more appealing and beautiful on the exterior part. This plant has beautiful buds with vibrant colors and make a good anniversary plant.

     Mediterranean Fan Palm: This is one of the most popular varieties of palm plants for gifts. It is a most beautiful plant with triangular fan leaves and can survive in any type of weather condition, from cold to hot temperature. If the receiver is fond of gardening, then it will be a good and fresh addition in his/her garden.

     Narcissus:  It is a always a great idea to gift a plant that can brighten up the environment and mood of the receives everytime he sees it. You can gift the plant in a decorated pot, but make sure that it is transferred to a garden within 3 weeks of planting. So not forget to give this advice to the receiver while handing over the gift.

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