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Electric Cigarettes: the Healthy Alternative to Smoking

>> Sep 22, 2012

Smokers today are generally to be found hovering in doorways or skulking in side alleys as they become increasingly shunned for what many view as anti-social behavior. While smokers have the right to smoke, so do non-smokers have the right to smoke-free air and now it is possible to have both.

It is inconceivable for smokers to ignore the health risks associated with their addiction. With 4000 noxious and toxic substances, 25 of which are cancer-causing (carcinogenic), including carbon monoxide and even arsenic, non-smokers wonder what the attraction is and bemoan and resent their own exposure to second-hand smoke.

Unfortunately for those who have tried to quit, many have experienced unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and have quickly resumed the habit. Some smokers simply depend on the calming nature of cigarettes and certainly, many women rely on them as a means of maintaining their figures in the belief that without cigarettes, they would resort to eating more, thereby gaining unwanted weight.

But cigarettes are not in themselves addictive, it's the nicotine they contain that causes cravings. Today, a tobacco, odor and ash free nicotine hit is a reality in the form of the E Cigarette.

Designed as a healthier, safer and cleaner alternative to tobacco, electric cigarettes have the appearance of a real cigarette even to the point of a glowing tip. They also give the smoker an authentic smoking appearance, but they are entirely tobacco free and completely safe to others.


E Cigarettes are made up of a tiny cartridge of pure liquid nicotine along with a small vaporizing device called a cartomiser. Once equipped with a starter kit, E Cigarettes generally prove to be up to 75 per cent cheaper than tobacco products, but it isn't just your bank balance that will benefit.

Smokers who switch to E Cigarettes notice vastly improved levels of stamina, fitness and overall energy levels and will perhaps find themselves welcomed back to places where they may have previously been ostracised. Indeed, it is illegal to smoke in many places now, but as E Cigarettes are smoke free, they are also risk free and smoking them is completely lawful in any environment.
Removing the tobacco element of smoking naturally removes the associated unpleasant odour and also the staining that smokers often develop on their teeth and their fingers.

Along with the reduced risk to health comes reduced costs and with the one off purchase of a starter kit, all that remains is to replace the cartomiser. Each cartomiser is the equivalent of roughly 20 normal cigarettes, but much more cost effective.

E Cigarettes really do tick all the boxes in terms of offering the desired nicotine hit, an experience that mimics that of traditional smoking but free from the health risks associated with smoking, while at the same time cancelling out any aide effects for others. An all round win win solution.

Shirley Jones is a travel writer who regularly contributes to numerous press, travel and holiday websites and blogs. Having been a smoker for several years and failing to kick the habit, despite several attempts, Shirley is now a convert to the E Cigarette and has noticed a significant improvement in her overall fitness levels since switching from regular tobacco.

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