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Teachergive Sale 2023

Some Essentials Things to Bring On Family Fishing Trips

>> Jun 30, 2016

Fishing can be an exciting activity, especially for kids. The very idea of going on a fishing trip brings a smile to every member of the family. Getting your kids along is even better. They are sure to love the trip. However, Kids always require special care and supervision. It is therefore necessary that you have a thorough check of the place and make sure you carry everything that is crucial.

Proper Fishing Equipment

It is very important to have proper equipment every time you go out for fishing trips.

  • Fishing Line: These can vary from a very basic monofilament to one with extended polymers. It is very important to match the weight of your line with the rod and the reel. In freshwater, use 4-8 pounds fishing line while in saltwater 8-50 pounds will be the right choice.
  • Rod:  The simplest one is a cane rod, which can be easily made at home. Heavy saltwater rods and custom fly rods must be avoided for a kid. A spin casting rod would be apt.
  • Reel:  The reel must have a reversible handle. Open-faced spinning reels must be prevented as these are very sensitive and versatile.
  • Bait: It is very important to have proper bait that can be tied to your hook.

Food and Water

A trip can be short or long. Shorter trips might require only energy bars for every person. However, for longer trips, you will require more food. Carry plenty of water and juice to avoid dehydration. If it is cold, carry some hot chocolate with you. Sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, crackers and cheese are all a perfect option for such trips.

Proper Garments and Shoes

It is very important that kids wear water shoes. These will not only increase safety, but will also be easier to carry. In addition, wear light weight garments. It is always advised to carry an extra set of clothes when you are with kids as kids could catch cold easily.

Protective Gear

A life jacket and a first-aid quit are very important. Also, you must not forget to carry a sunscreen with appropriate SPF and wide brimmed hats. They will protect you from the sun as well as unexpected water splashes.

Capture and Capture

Any day out with kids must be captured. Make sure you carry high quality, waterproof camera and click every moment. As your kids grow up, they can always recall the good old days.

Do not let them get bored

Kids turn impatient quite easily. Get some sort of entertainment with you. This might include a laminated deck of cards, a good book or simply a tablet.

Waterproof Bags

These are a necessity. Water is going to be everywhere on a fishing trip. Your camera, Mobile phones or the spare clothes you brought could all be ruined if you do not keep them dry. Carrying a waterproof bag is therefore crucial.

So, the next time you plan a fishing trip with your kids, make sure that you take these things along. A planned trip is always better. Make sure you are prepared for everything well in advance.

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