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7 Easy Ways to Show Your Bridesmaids Gratitude

>> Nov 28, 2016

As you begin planning for your wedding day, you will soon realize it’s not possible for you to cover all the bases. Based on tradition, that’s why brides enlist the services of those special people known as bridesmaids.

While you’re focus on the major issues such as the wedding venue and sending out invitations, your bridesmaids could be working like little bees on the mundane details that often drive a bride crazy. If you are lucky enough to have those “can do” bridesmaids, you need to be aware of their sacrifices and be prepared to show your gratitude. It’s no small task to rearrange one’s schedule in order to make an appointment to pick out things like junior bridesmaid dresses and/or hairstyles. When they don’t agree with your choice of red bridesmaid dresses, you still want to acknowledge how much their input means to you.

When the time arises and it will, here’s 7 ways to try to show your gratitude for the efforts your bridesmaids are putting forward.

1.   Meet and Greet – Weddings bring family and friends together who have never actually met before. If your bridesmaids are unfamiliar with one another, get them out for a night on the town to sit down and get comfortable with each other.
2.   The Special Invite – Asking a friend or relative to stand with you on the most important day of your life is a big deal. This is a great opportunity to ask someone to be your bridesmaid in a memorable way. Be creative and do something intimate.
3.   Allow Them to be Part of a Major Decision – It’s not necessary for you to hold onto all the decision-making responsibilities. It’s possible to create a feeling of importance by allowing your bridesmaids to get involved in certain decisions. While you’re debating whether you want blue or red bridesmaid dresses, they can take responsibility for finding shoes that match the bridesmaid dresses they have to wear.
4.   A Special Thank You Gift – Traditionally, the bride and groom will present their wedding party with commemorative gifts. This is a wonderful opportunity to give something intimate and unique to each of your bridesmaids.
5.   Address Time and Money Issues With Your Bridesmaids – Not all friends and family will have the time or resources to participate as your bridesmaid. Before asking for a commitment, you should first ask if there are any barriers to their participation.
6.   Comfort Comes First – When the wedding ceremony is over, it would be a grand gesture if you would provide your wedding party with footwear that is more suitable than high heels when it’s time for the reception.
7.   Saying “Thank You” in a Letter – A handwritten “Thank You” letter would be the ultimate way to express your appreciation for the time and effort your bridesmaids contributed to make your wedding day as special as possible.

If you can imagine for one minute what your wedding would be like if you couldn’t share it with the most important people in your life, then you might better understand the importance of showing appreciation and gratitude to your bridesmaids at every turn.

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