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Things To Do When In Line

>> Nov 7, 2016

One of the most stressful things for many people is having to wait in line for a long time before getting served. Instead of getting stressed out there are many things you can do when in line to keep yourself occupied and stress-free. Below are a few ideas you can try next time you find yourself in this situation.
1 - When waiting in line make sure to keep your eyes and head up. Do not take your phone out and be unsociable try to make a concerted effort to smile at the others waiting and say hello. Who knows you may start a long-lasting friendship with the person or even get a date.

2 - Use the time wisely by working on memorizing something such a new language or something that you are passionate about.

3 - Play a game such as an alphabet game where you try to find an object that begins with each letter of the alphabet. It can be very difficult especially when you get the letter X.

4 - Take something healthy with you to eat if you know you are going to be there for a long time. It is one of the fastest and most enjoyable ways to pass the time waiting in line.

5- Plan your day or weekend ahead. Think of cool things you can do on your time off or ways that you can improve your working life to make you stand out from the crowd. Talk to the stranger standing next to you and discover information about their job, home life or family. Share information about your own life with them and you could make a brand new friend.

7 - Reading a book is one of the most popular ways to pass time and now you can download a book direct to your phone so you can easily access it. You will soon find that you will complete reading a whole book in no time at all by simply reading small sections at a time.

8 - Do not take your mobile phone with you so it forces you to start conversations with others. You may learn something new and will detach yourself from the internet which is taking over many people's lives.

9 - Download a game on your mobile phone to play. Try to stick to ones that will help you improve your skills such a word games or memory tests and you will greatly improve your knowledge.

10 - Use your mobile phone to text someone who you deeply care about and tell them how much you miss them. It will make yours and the person you are texting day.

11 - Use the time to think of positive things that you have gone through in the past week or months. It is a great way to turn a miserable situation into a good one. Positive thinking helps to create a positive outcome so ignore the bad things and concentrate on all the great things you have achieved.

12 - Organize and clean up your wallet or purse. You will more than likely have many old receipts, expired cards and loose change. Get rid of everything that you do not need and put the important things somewhere safe.

So the next time you are bored and waiting in a line remember these and many more tips as they could end up turning the experience of everyday waiting in lines into an enjoyable one.

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