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Why sending your child to day care facility is better than hiring a nanny?

>> Nov 14, 2016

In earlier days, a thought of sending your child to a day care centre was frightening for parents. Also, this concept was more prevalent in western countries than in India. But today it has become a common phenomenon in our country as well. Since most of the families are nuclear these days and both the parents are working with no help behind, parents do not have any other option but to leave your child to day care centres in their working hours. Though still in India, many women prefer to leave their jobs when they are baby is born. If you are a lucky mother, then you might get an opportunity to work from home until your child is old enough.
Day care centres are becoming very popular amongst working parents and coming as a blessing for working mothers. However, it over the last couple of years it has become a lucrative business as well and many centres are just there to earn money rather focussing on the child management. Hence, you need to very calculative while choosing a centre where you can leave your child without worrying about them. Mumbai being a commercial capital of India, there are some of the best day care in Mumbai. Let us first study the positives of sending your child to day care centres: -

Advantages: -

  • Hiring a nanny can be very expensive. You can actually save a good amount of money for your child’s future by sending them to day care centres as they are less expensive.
  • When it comes to reliability, day care centres are more reliable than nannies. Since they are obliged to take care of your child due to strict laws. Therefore, you can be assured about the safety of child’s health.
  • Day care centres are professional services and certified facilities. Hence the staff as well is highly experienced and trained in child management. They are aware of all the tactics to deal with children of all ages. They not only take care of the child but would also nurture inherent skills of the child
  • Your child learns to engage in different activities like colouring, singing, dancing etc. All these activities help in brain development of child.
  • Also, your child is more secured in the day care environment than leaving them alone with nannies.

Disadvantages: -

  •  Since children are more susceptible to diseases like cold and flu, they can easily get infections from other children
  •  In case you are late then you would have to make some arrangements to pick your child.
Though the advantages outnumber the disadvantages completely, still you must check the reputation of these day care centres before selecting one. You must do a full research about the day care centre before admitting your child. Day care centres in Mumbai are some of the renowned centres in India. If you are confused, then check the websites of some good reputed centres and see if the facilities you have chosen have all the facilities that you provide to your child.

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