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Keeping Up with Creative Trends for Your Office

>> Nov 24, 2016

With the right design, there’s no limit to what you can do with your office. Going through office construction or renovation is the perfect time to maximize the potential of your office space. In this competitive world, moving ahead of the times is important. And this includes the flow of the workspace. For a truly effective space, the different elements should foster and encourage collaboration, relaxation and innovation.
Out with the Old

The creative trends in office construction and renovation drastically deviate from the traditional workspace design.

The old trends in office construction involve perimeter-style cubicles. The spirit of individualism and privacy was at a premium. Ideally, every employee had an individual work area.

The traditional design also involved repetitive interiors. The design of the walls and fixtures lacked creativity and flexibility. Poor acoustics and closed views also characterized the ineffective traditional workspace.

In with the New

Creative trends in office construction and design now look towards collaboration and teamwork. Spaces for communication are put at a premium. This is a response to the growing shifts in culture. There’s a lower need for privacy observed in millennials. Hierarchies are also less rigid, making spaces more equal and less stratified.

Flexibility and comfort are also highlighted in these creative trends. With the rise of mobile technology, people can work anywhere and still be productive.

Here are several trends to keep up with.

#1 Social Spaces

There’s an active effort to put designated lounge areas, breakout spaces and even cafes inside the office. These complement the open-plan and multipurpose design of workplaces, which include strategies like:
-       Desk-sharing
-       Community tables
-       Benching
-       Non-assigned seating
-       Casual furniture

All of these shared social spaces encourage the exchange of ideas and increased utilization of resources.

#2: Vibrant Interior

Gray and monochromatic walls aren’t good for productivity. Laid-back interiors, adaptable furniture, and better visibility and light are key to these creative trends.

Offices are also putting their branding within the workplace, in the design’s color palette, graphics, imagery and so on.

#3: Going Green

Part of the creative trends in office spaces is the introduction of outdoor spaces within the office. The soothing visuals of foliage can foster a more productive and healthy atmosphere.

These green initiatives include wood panel installations, small indoor gardens, and larger windows with views of the outside. If you want to start innovating your office space, talk to a construction expert now.

Written by Hubert Builders, a full service commercial construction companyin Columbia, MO.

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