Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

The Coolest Wallets

>> Nov 8, 2016

It is uncommon for you to think about your wallet unless you are paying bills and issuing your cards. It is not until this moment that you realize that you show it to people often. In as much as it takes a few minutes to expose it, it speaks volumes about who you are. Your wallet needs to be as good as your clothes. It also needs to be as functional. The best wallets will be a mix of the tow. New trends have come up, and this has brought the use of better wallets a thing. The collect wallets in the market are a must nowadays.

The Naked Wallet
This is one of the latest trends in wallets. The wallet was designed for the purpose of making money and card holding easier and less bulky at the same time. It is a single strip of leather that is reinforced to hold the cards and the money right at the midsection without easily slipping off. This wallet provides easy access to the money and cards, and best of all can fit into any pocket without creating bumps.

The naked wallet is a welcome solution to all wallet users that want to slip money into their front pockets, walk without attracting pickpockets as well as reduce bumps on sleek cocktail suits.

The Aecraft

This is one for the minimalist with a simple access yet exquisite look. The wallet is made of veg-tanned leather and is 3mm thick. It has a single interior for your cash and side slots for quick access to your cards. It also comes with a key ring that is built in reducing all your clutter. This is an ideal wallet for people with suits that are not looking to have any visible bumps on them. They are perfect for business meetings where cards are often asked for.

The Paul Smith ‘Naked Lady” Wallet

This is an excellent wallet when it comes to functionality. It comes with up to six card slots with a large pocket for cash. It is an ideal wallet for those with more to store. It is a sight for a sore eye thanks to the black calf leather and a sassy nude pinup.

The Diderot: D’Alembert

The beauty of the wallet is determined by the hands behind the stitch and tan. This is one wallet with a unique French touch with singularly hand dyed patinas. The wallet is made of calfskin leather with an impressive finish. It is an ideal wallet if you are looking for something to store your cards and money while earning envious looks at the counter.

It is wise to note that there are more brands in the market that fit the budget and class. The type of wallet you pick should work for your needs while keeping your comfortable. You should also consider the durability which means leather wallets are ideal. The best wallets will hold all your items keeping all pocket clutter away without making it cumbersome to access your items.

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