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Role of a Balanced and Healthy Diet in Preventing Heart Diseases

>> Nov 19, 2016

Heart diseases and nutritional diet go hand in hand as nutritious food will play an important role in maintaining better health. The habit of poor eating is said to be main cause of several disease. In this article, we are going to discuss regarding the common heart disorders and also the role of nutritious diet in preventing diseases related to heart.

Different types of heart ailments:
There are different kinds of heart diseases and it’s not possible to control all the conditions with the help of a healthy diet. Even though nutritious food seems to be essential for overall well being, nutritional diet and heart diseases might not possess a direct link with one another. Certain heart malfunctions may need surgery. For instance, pvcs heart dangers could be cured simply with surgery, since a balanced diet could not able to help treat the above mentioned condition. Given below are different kinds of heart diseases:

  • Coronary heart disease: It is generally caused thinning of arteries, which carry blood. This condition needs surgery or medication as it reduces the blood flow within the heart.
  • Cardiomyopathy: This kind of disease is popularly referred to as heart attack. This may be caused by blockages found in the arteries. Several reasons are responsible for the blockage. However, the most important one amongst them is increasing fat levels in the blood, which will thicken the blood and disrupt its flow. In this type of condition, nutrition and diet get directly link with the disease. A balanced diet equipped with low fat content and cholesterol could make lots of difference. A proper diet will have the ability to maintain the best possible level of blood thickness and in turn, avoid blockages.
  • Ischemic heart malfunctions: This type of heart ailment will reduce the blood supply to other organs
  • Cardio-vascular disease: It will affect the heart or blood vessels
  • Heart failure: Also referred to as congestive cancer, it is caused because of functional or structural disorder.
  • Inflammatory heart malfunction: Inflammation of heart tissues or muscles are responsible for this condition
  • Valvular heart disease: This kind of disease will affect your heart valves. As an outcome, they fail to do their functionalities and become severe heart problem.
  • Hypertensive heart malfunctions: The common cause for this kind of heart disease is high blood pressure.  Here, diet, nutrition and heart disorder could be linked as controlling high blood pressure by means of a proper diet will surely prevent this heart ailment.
A healthy diet would not just keep an eye on your heart, but also prevent many other ailments. For both of your internal and external well-being, nutritious food is considered to be very good. A balance food would enhance the quality of your hair and skin drastically.

Reasons for getting heart related ailments:

At first, it will be essential to take a look over the reasons for getting heart diseases previous to going into how a balanced diet could help you reduce the heart risks.
  • Workouts: Regular workouts whether walking regularly or a regimented practice goes a long way to prevent heart diseases. Even studies have revealed that exercising on a regular manner will reduce the risk of getting heart diseases as much as possible.
  • Consumption of hydrogenated oils and trans fats:  Avoid in-taking both of these is also proven to minimize the risk of Arrhythmias. Hydrogenated oils and trans fats are entirely different but they are artificially made giving a hard time to your body while consuming it. They impact heart cells negatively, causing them to function improperly.
  • Smoking: About 40% of deaths related to heart diseases are attributed directly to smoking.
  • Genetics: Some individuals are merely genetically pre-disposed and it may run within the family as well
  • Overall stress levels: High blood pressure is the one main reason of heart disease caused by high stress levels
  • Age: Risk of getting heart ailments gets increased with the increase in age.

Heart and the meat: The simplest and easiest way of reducing the heart disease risk is vegetarian diet. Just cutting out meats away from your diet will save your life. The main culprit, which causes heart attacks, is saturated fats, since they will clog the heart causing the liver to produce cholesterol in larger quantity. Meats, particularly red meat would also be loaded with cholesterol that compounds the risk of gaining heart disease. Avoiding almost all types of meats from your daily diet will considerably minimize the amount of trans fats, saturated fats, cholesterol and hydrogenated oils, thereby leaving you free from heart problems.

Eat more fruits & vegetables: If you replace this meat with fruits and vegetables, your heart will gain an additional protection against disorders. Most fruits and vegetables possess high levels of antioxidants that actively neutralize free radicals present in your body, as these free radicals will cause electron imbalance within cells that in turn cause cells to become malfunction.

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Linda November 20, 2016 at 12:14 AM  

Such a wonderful and informative post. Thank you so much for caring...and for sharing. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

KB November 20, 2016 at 7:55 AM  

Excellent information. Thanks for sharing.

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