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Learn to Configure Your Personal Network

>> Nov 8, 2016

When you have to learn something about home networks, things may look a bit complicated. However, once you understand the basics, they will be able to understand even more. For the novice user, setting up the router or changing the default network settings may look very difficult to do, however, the truth is quite different. Of course, a basic experience on computers is necessary. 

The Internet and networks weren’t available to all people like today. In the past only the government and the military were using them. Luckily, thanks to the growing development of technology today we all have chance to use the Internet almost everywhere and have our own personal wireless networks. We can change the settings of our routers and adjust the login details as we like. Since we can make these changes in the router settings we have to learn how to login to the wireless router first. Once we learn this we will be able to access the router settings when we need it and fix some networking problems the everyday user experiences every now and then.


Accessing the Router Default IP Address

Accessing the router settings page is not an easy task for most users. They generally think they need some specialized tools or software to do this. However, after you read this you will be surprised how easy it is to access this page and make the necessary changes. So, let’s see how we can do this.
·         First of all make sure that the router and the PC are properly connected and that they are switched on.
·      Most router manufacturers assign a default IP address to all the routers they produce. It is recommended to change this default IP later, along with the all other default settings.
·        In some cases the default router IP is However, for this IP you can use 198.168.x.x where X is any number from 0 to 255.
·         So, in case your router IP is you can type this IP in the browser’s URL bar.
·         After you hit the Enter button you will be asked to enter the default username and password. In most cases they are both ADMIN, but you can consult the user’s manual and confirm.
·         Now, the users can access the settings to change the Credentials and URL. Finally, they need to click on the apply settings and save button.
·      The main reason why you should change this IP and the login details as well is because of the security of your network.


What should you take care of when setting up a wireless network?

The users after add new devices to their network like tablets, laptops, smartphones. Normally, each device gets a unique IP address in the network. If for any reason two devices in the network have the same IP a so called IP address conflict will occur. If this happens, you can fix this problem by disconnecting one device, restarting the router and trying again. In most cases the when you reset the router the problem will be solved since the built-in HCP server will assign the correct IPs to all the devices.

If you are trying to set up a new router and have no experience at all, it is recommended to use the Setup CD that came with the router. On the other hand, some router manufacturers don’t send a Setup CD but have the built-in setup Wizard will start when you connect the router for the first time.

If you follow the setup process carefully there are small chances that you are going to make a mistake. It is recommended to do this on your own first because in this way you will learn more about the various router options and configurations. If you see some advanced features, it is recommended to avoid changing them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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