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Learn the Various Features Offered By Home Warranty Companies

>> Nov 21, 2016

A home warranty is a very important coverage that secures major and expensive appliances in your house. Buying a home warranty product does not cost much as compared to the expenses incurred in the repair and replacement of the appliance. This is the reason more and more people are safeguarding their house appliances by buying this product.

Before purchasing the home-warranty plan, you need to know some basic and important things about the plan.
What sort of coverage do I get under a home warranty?
Coverage under home warranty is decided on various factors. One of those factors is the area where you reside. This warranty provides excellent coverage for different large and expensive appliances such as centralized air conditioning systems, kitchen appliances, centralized heating systems, clothes dryer, clothes washer, plumbing system, roof leakage and electrical system. Most of these appliances are considered under the standard plan of the home warranty.

How is home warranty different from an appliance manufacturer’s warranty?
Manufacturer warranty for an appliance covers the cost of the failed part. It does not include the labor charges that were incurred in the installation or repair post the first year from the date of appliance purchase.

If home warranty secures the home appliances, a person can be rest assured of the complete protection of both parts as well as labor. Also, the money spent on the manufacturer warranties is very high as compared to the cost of the premium of home warranty plan.

Is home inspection a mandatory requirement to buy a home warranty plan?
No. To buy a home warranty plan, there is no need to get a home inspection done. However, it is required that the appliances that are covered under the plan must be properly installed, maintained and kept in a good working state at the time of applying for the coverage. If the appliance has an existing fault in it then it will not be covered in the plan.

What does the coverage start?
When you buy the home warranty from home warranty companies at the time of the purchase of a home, then the coverage under the plan starts from the end of that day.

Will the home warranty coverage be effective on selling the flat?
If your home warranty plan is active at the time of selling the flat, then the remaining coverage will pass on to the new buyer at no additional cost. The new buyer of the house will get the coverage for the remaining months that are still in the contract.

At the end of the contract, the buyer will have the option to renew the original contract term. If you want, you can even renew your contract early to offer the additional coverage to the new buyer.

A home warranty is an easy and cheap way to prevent the hefty expenses on the maintenance of appliances. It is a beneficial investment that protects your home appliances from a wide range of dangers and risks in an efficient way.   

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