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Teachergive Sale 2023

Condos, Family Friendly Or Not?

>> Nov 14, 2016

“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe, she had so many children she didn’t know what to do”, at least she lived in a shoe, with a yard, where the kids could play, right? I mean, people with children live in single family residences with yards, right? Maybe not, condominium management associations are involved in properties throughout the world that are almost communities within communities because families are exploring condominium living. Best of all, it is working well and opening another market for resale.
So what’s in it for the kids and can the condominium management association support it?

  • Increased social skills. Encountering a diverse demographic of residents in the elevators, corridors and common areas on a daily basis teaches basic social skills. They learn civilized interaction in a setting controlled by your condominium management association. Events planned by the condominium management association encourage a sharing by this same diverse group.
  • Other kids onsite. As more families explore condominium living, chances increase that your child will find another child to socialize with onsite. Ask the condominium management association about the ages of children on the property when you are looking.
  • The health benefits of the amenities in condo living can be excellent for a child. What better exercise than swimming or tennis?

What does the condominium management association have for adults?

  • Less work. The condominium management association will handle the yard work, clean the pool, sauna, etc. and you can enjoy more free time. Time to spend with family or that hobby you’ve been neglecting.
  • Easier monitoring of your children’s friends and movement. Condominiums run by top notch condominium management associations provide a safe environment for your children to visit within the confines of the property. As a parent this mean locating them is relatively easy as neighbors know neighbors and friendships are formed.
  • Reduced road time. Now I have your attention. Most condos are on transportation corridors and carpooling between neighbors is not uncommon. That’s enough to make most soccer moms and dads shout with joy!

Upsizing life, downsizing life, flexibility

Amazingly enough, most families once they experience the condominium lifestyle love it! When the time comes that 2 bedrooms/2 baths just isn’t enough anymore, you can always look to move within your property. As your condominium management association if they have a list of units for sale/lease, or maybe someone who wants to downsize.

Need a place for an elderly parent, look at your property. You can look for a smaller unit for your parent so they are close enough, you’re there, but providing each group the privacy they may need.

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