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Teachergive Sale 2023

Heated Wiper Blades - Reduce the Frustration of Streaky Windshields on Snowy Days

>> Nov 15, 2016

We cannot directly interfere with Mother Nature. And winter is one of such season where commuting can be uncomfortable. Icy highways, snow banks and frozen roads are some of the conditions typical of most winter seasons. 

Nonetheless, we can adjust our driving habits to make commuting safer. We switch to winter tyres, we fill up our windshield washer fluid, ice scraper and snow brushes become an essential car accessory during winter.
Good news! Crystal Clear Blades presents the ideal solution to all your winter travels, so you can focus on the journey with a clear visibility. With heated wiper blades, drivers can go one step further to even make things safer. Heated wiper blades do not need any special configurations to fit into your windshield. They work by detecting the external temperature every time you turn on your vehicle, and if necessary they heat up to about 65 degree Celsius. You do not need any special controls, your default wiper controls are all you need.

For those staying in areas where winter can be harsh have at one stage set out to leave for the day’s work only to meet the windscreen all frozen up. You get your ice scraper and try to see how much of the ice you can get off, eventually you hop in but your visibility is still highly impaired by ice and snow. To complicate things further, your wiper blades are stuck in ice and snow, they move squeakily across your windshield. How uncomfortable can driving get during this time?

The heated wiper blade saves you time as you do not need ice scrapers; they help to effectively remove snow and ice that must have accumulated throughout the night. With the heated wiper blades you won’t have to strain your eyes further for clear visibility. Thus, reducing the chance of you getting involved in a nasty weather-related collision.

Quick to install and easy to use
We are aware of the fact that time is of the essence to most road users, and as such experts installing a heated wiper blade for you wouldn’t take too much of your time in the process. On your first installation, a set of sensors sold separately would be installed along with the wipers. The whole installation should take at most twenty minute. Irrespective of your wiper size, there is always a heated wiper blade that would suit your car.

Tips for getting more from your wiper blades
  1. Replace your wiper blades after six months or as soon as you notice any squeaking.
  2. Salt and sand would damage your blade in no time.
  3. Clean your windshield regularly to prolong the life of your wiper blades.
  4. Pull up your wiper blades during winter after parked.
  5. There are wiper blades specially made for cars with unique curved windshields.
A lot of people downplay the relevance of wiper blades, but having the correct pair can save you from a lot of visibility worries in snowy and wet conditions; ultimately keeping you safe. Ensure you choose the right pair for your vehicle.

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