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Teachergive Sale 2023

Basement Family Room Renovation

>> Jan 10, 2017

It is fast becoming a trend amongst homeowners to renovate their once useless basement into a family room. It is usually common for most homes to come with a living room on the main floor with little space to accommodate activities like kids playing with larger toys and game, especially games like ping-pong, pool or physical games like the Nintendo Wii or Sony PS3 Move!
Renovation experts at AGM Renovation can help create a colourful, spacious basement family room renovation that will be the centre of attention in your home. Basement family room renovation can relieve a lot of tension that goes on in the living room especially between children with regards to watching the TV or playing games. The basement family room can create enough space which will indeed bring the family together in one room even for larger celebrations such as reunions, birthdays or even anniversaries.

Some of its benefits include:

More space for having fun time with family as well as friends.

The basement family room can be fully equipped with a game room, comfortable seating by a fireplace, a TV room, and even a spot for playing board games or just relaxing. You can also add a Wi-Fi hotspot to further enhance your work or for kids to do their homework whenever.
Three things to properly equip your basement with in order to keep it safe and able to pass inspection include:

Waterproofing measures

One of the things to consider before renovating your basement is preventing water damage whether it has a history of flooding or not, as your newly constructed basement depends on it.

Ensure to fix any cracks or damages in your foundation as many basement water problems are a result of uncontrolled roof runoff. Also monitor your drainage. But if none of these solve your problem then you might need to hire a professional to install a sump pump or foundation drains.

A 7-foot or higher ceilings

Just as stated by the International Residential Code (IRC), a basement living space should have a 7-foot ceiling or even higher as this allows for structural beams, girders or other constructions that may hang over 6 feet above the ground. And by the way, having a ceiling lower than 7-feets high would make the place all cramped up and uncomfortable especially if you have lots of tall friends.

Design an emergency exit

It is essential that you have an emergency exit or egress window. Building code does require that a basement should have its own emergency exit and not just the stairs that lead to the home but each room if possible should have its own escape route to pass this inspection.

Constructing an egress window is generally a large window, large enough to allow a person successfully escape if need be. But this window can be quite expensive and extensive. But without this egress window your building cannot pass inspection and you might encounter problems when planning to put your house up for sale.

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Noah Dube July 3, 2017 at 10:26 AM  

Converting your basement space into a family room sounds amazing. The renovation work looks really good. Some of the safety tips are also very helpful. For more basement renovation tips visit here -http://gtabasementexperts.ca/

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