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Teachergive Sale 2023

Signs That A Professional Is Needed For Your Furnace Repair

>> Jan 13, 2017

In an ideal world your furnace will be serviced every year and never need repairing.  However, there are often other factors which come into play and prevent the annual servicing from taking place.  Alternatively, even with all the servicing a furnace can still break.  This can be a result of extreme weather conditions, age or simply bad luck.

The first thing most homeowners should do is look at the furnace.  The pilot light should be on, the thermostat up and there should be no visible blockages in any of the pipes.  There are other elements which can be checked before the professionals are called in.  However, it may depend upon whether you are comfortable working on this type of appliance or not.

Firms such as Smile Heating & Cooling are expertsat dealing with furnace issues and anything related to the plumbing and heating systems in your home.  If you live in the Regina area and need to use a professional service then you will not regret giving them a call.

As mentioned, there are a few basic checks which can be performed before you need to call a professional to complete a furnace repair.  However, there are also clear indicators that tell you a professional is essential.  In these cases you should obtain assistance as soon as possible:


When your furnace stops producing heat and your house is cold you should check that it has fuel available.  If it does then, assuming there are no blockages on the intake pipes, you will need professional help.

Strange Noises

You will know what sort of noises your furnace normally makes and when it is making different noises to normal.  Clicking noise, especially when it is firing up suggest an issue with the pilot light.  This is probably an electronic issue and certainly not something you will wish to attempt yourself.

Equally it is possible to hear a booming noise; this generally refers to dirt moving across the burners and means taking parts of the furnace apart to fix.
A third option covered by strange noises is rattling sounds which indicate something is loose or has broken inside.  It is important to get this checked quickly before it does any damage.


You may notice that your bills are creeping up; this is more than the usual rise in the winter or a result of a particularly cold spell.  If this is the case then your furnace is not working efficiently.  At the least you will need a service and you may well need a professional furnace repair.

Air Pressure

The air flowing from your ducts into your house should be fairly consistent, regardless of how hard the furnace is working.  There may be odd variations but if you notice that the pressure is consistently dropping you may have an issue with either your blower fans, leaks in the ducts or even parts inside the furnace no longer functioning correctly.  Professional assistance will be essential to resolve these issues.


Finally you may discover that your furnace is producing unfamiliar smells.  If this happens you should seek urgent help and if possible not use the furnace until you know it is safe.

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