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Why You Should Use a Professional Window and Door Fitter

>> Jan 23, 2017

Whether you are an experienced DIYer or not there may be a time when you consider fitting your replacement windows and doors yourself.  Although you may be capable of completing this task there are many reasons why you should use a professional firm to fit your windows and doors:

A professional firm will provide a guarantee for their work.  This is more than just the guarantee which comes with the window which covers defects to the windows and doors.  The professional firm will guarantee to repair any damaged caused by the installation and will even return to deal with problems that arise in the future; providing they are within the time frame and caused by the installation.


In theory it is simple to fit a replacement window or door.  The replacement one should be the same size as the original making it very straightforward to pull one out and put the new one in.  However, theory is not the same as practice.  There can be a multitude of issues.  These may involve problems removing the door or even problems fitting the new one.  A professional will be prepared for these and will know what to do to ensure a good fit.  They can even take the product back and bring a different one.  If you are doing the install yourself you may find yourself stuck with a hole in your wall!

Clear Up

It can take just as much time to clear up the mess made during the installation as it can to install the window or door.  This will drag out the job for you and will leave you with the issue of having to dispose of the windows and doors you have removed.  A professional firm will include this within their quote; you will be left with a clean clear site.  In addition, if pieces of the wall come out whilst the work is being done a professional will have thought to put up protection for both your inside and outside spaces to ensure no significant damage is done.


It takes time for a professional to remove and install a window or door.  It will take longer for you to do it yourself.  This increases the chance that you will be left without a door or a window for the night; something that you will not want to happen.  A professional window and door fitter will know roughly how long each part of the job will take and will plan their work accordingly.


Finally the experience a professional fitter can bring to the job is invaluable.  This experience will allow them to see a way round an issue quickly.  No matter what appears to have gone wrong they will have a plan and be able to protect you and your family.  You will also notice that this experience pays off in the quality of the finish.  As well as being professional regarding the install, a good fitter will have all the right tools to make the job easier and finished properly. 

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