Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

How to Choose the Right Children’s Magic Show in Toronto

>> Jan 10, 2017

Magic can be entertaining and mystical; depending upon the audience and the quality of the entertainer.  It is important to remember that a magic show is about more than high quality illusions great show requires an entertainer who can make the audience feel involved and be in complete awe of the illusions being performed.  A great entertainer can also deal with issues when they arise and prevent the crowd from even noticing when a problem happens.  These are some of the reasons why it is essential to choose the right person or company to ensure your children magic show is the best possible.
One company that is worth talking to if you live in Toronto is Magical Duda Entertainment.  They are dedicated to providing a high quality service which caters for children of all ages; they can even put on shows which will leave the adults puzzled and believing magic is real!

There are several things to consider before you select the right entertainer for your children magic show:


An established reputation can provide you with peace of mind that you are getting a professional.  There is little worse than paying out good money only to find a lack lustre performance and very little you can do to repair the damage.  Children are incredibly perspective and an entertainer should be convincing.  To check the reputation of any firm you are considering simply ask your family and friends and look on social media to see what responses have been provided by those who have already used the service.


The location of your magician is also important.  They should not be too far from the venue.  Not only does this mean that it is easier to resolve any issues but it also simpler to check their reputation.  A closer magician is also likely to charge less, although this is not a reason to take the closest over the best!


Of course the cost of the show will play a part.  Although you will want the best for your child there will also be a limit to the budget you are able to spend.  It is best to obtain three quotes.  This will help you to confirm that all prices are within the same width.  If they are not you will need to understand what the differences are before you can commit to booking any of them.

Size of Company

It may not seem important to concern yourself with the size of a company.  However, if you employ an individual for your party and something happens to them you may find you have no performer for your children magic show.  You may also have some very upset children to deal with!  A bigger company will have another magician who can be sent if necessary.  If you prefer the individual then it is advisable to check on what arrangements they have in place if the worst was to happen.

Quality of Magic

It is advisable to watch a few of the illusions being performed and even see the magician performing to see how good they are with the crowds.  This will ensure they can provide a show which will appeal to the age range you have at the party.

Once you have considered these points and selected a magician you can relax and enjoy the show!

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