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Family Winter Vacation Packing List!

>> Jan 6, 2017

We’ve finally entered 2017. Christmas came and went, and if you managed to recover from the last New Year’s Eve, I’m guessing you’re now ready to start planning your vacation. Well, if you’re anything like the other 43% of Americans, you are looking forward to escaping the “winter doldrums.”

If you try reading any travel publications, and browse the web for a couple of minutes, you’ll definitely find thousand of words of common sensical and somewhat vague advice on how to prepare for your vacation. Dress in layers, pack enough stuff, but too much – you already know all of that.

What you need is some convenient advice that can help you figure out where to start packing!

We need to point out that we’re not talking about preparing for a ski trip – that’s its own special challenge – this is a list for a more causal winter vacation. However, most travelers should find these packing tips rather helpful.

Packing for a Winter Vacation


 ·         Hats, Shoes and Gloves

When we talk about hats, you need something that completely covers your ears, the back of your neck and is made out of thin but warm material for maximum warmth. Same thing with gloves – they should be light and breathable – but you have to make sure that they are waterproof.

When it comes to shoes, get something light on lacing, of course waterproof and it would be wise to pick up a pair of black shoes, so that they don’t show any slush or mud stains.

 ·         Winter Clothing

So you definitely know you should dress in layers – but where should you exactly start? Better yet – where should you stop? You don’t want to look like the Michelin man after all. So, when you’re traveling during the winter, you should take a “morning paper” approach, in order to figure out what you should pack and ultimately, wear.

For starter, get a long-sleeve shirt if you want to read your morning papers indoors. Next, grab a hooded, long-sleeve shirt for getting your paper from the stoop. You’ll need a wool sweater for grabbing your paper from the curb and finally a light windproof outer shell for getting your paper from the curb in the rain. That way, you’ll be ready for basically any weather conditions.

·         Additional Accessories

While this may seem surprising, you should bring some sunscreen, and while it may seem counterintuitive, you have to realize that sunburn from reflection off of snow can be just as bad as the ones you get during the summer. A nice, light scarf is also a compact, but a rather effective addition to your travel bag.

Even a weak, winter sunlight can be harsh on your eyes, so you should pack at least one pair of polarized sunglasses. During the winter, the sun can be much lower in the sky, therefore, it’s far more likely to be in line of your sight during the short daylight hours, especially when you’re driving. And if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors, bring a base layer to keep your feet and legs comfortable.

Traveling Abroad?

If you’re traveling to another country, you should pack everything we mentioned above, but you should also bring this:
  •  An electronic plug converter, because your US plug probably isn’t going to work in another country, and if you’re traveling with a toddler, you should also download a fast ExpressVPN, in case you’re traveling to a country that blocks Netflix and Hulu. Your kids need to have entertainment, don’t they?
  •  In case your child has a different surname than you, or you’re traveling without your spouse who shares the surname with your kid, you should bring some evidence of your relationship, just in case. This is probably not intuitive, but it will surely speed up any immigration queues.
  • If you’re going to one of European Economic Area countries (make sure that you’re aware if you do), make sure to get proper insurance documents, like the EHI Card, make a couple of copies and email a couple of copies of them to yourself.


Finally, we have to urge you to try to resist the urge to bring some of your favorite clothes and gear. And while your favorite XXL, wool jacket would look great on you and all, you should think about packing stuff you don’t actually before you put anything in your suitcase and depart.

These urges are strong, but you should try to look at every item during the packing process, and just ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” and look at those things last, because by the end of your packing, you’ll probably deem them unnecessary, through more logically considered choices. By Adam Ferraresi

Adam, a reasonably successful web development has been publishing articles on wefollowtech.com for the last couple of years. When he is not hard at work you can find him on the basketball court or at the nearest Chinese restaurant, eating his favorite Chow Mein and reading fortune cookies.

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