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Tips for Successful Amazon Keyword Strategies

>> Jan 13, 2017

Are you thinking of pepping up your Amazon strategy? Remember Amazon is certainly one of the leading online shopping destinations. It is today, regarded as a significant search engine meant for product-related searches. For being successful on Amazon, you must ensure a couple of things: a fabulous product that really sells and a fully optimized product page that would make it easier for customers to find it. To generate highly optimized pages, it is essential to treat, as well as, optimize those pages just in the same manner as you would treat any other web page.

Just like any standard search-centric optimization, it is essential to begin with strong keyphrase research for understanding clearly what your customers are actually looking for. While chalking out your keyphrase strategy, it is essential, to keep in mind these differences such as query length, query types, search volumes and conversions. Here are some amazing tips that would help you every step of the way while generating winning keyword strategies for Amazon.

Kinds of Queries

A chunk of present day searches on conventional engines is supposed to be question-type searches. Consumers come up with queries regarding some problems they are not able to solve themselves or about things they are eager to know about. For instance, the queries could be what is the best DSLR camera or how could one take a night shot etc. After a thorough evaluation of the best 100,000 Amazon searches, it was determined that 98 percent of the searches on Amazon were brand-specific or product-specific. The rest of the searches were generally book titles and movies. Almost all the Amazon searches are category level searches or branded product searches.

Query Length

The search query length on Amazon is quite different from other conventional search engines. Research results demonstrate that 65 percent of Amazon queries were really short comprising two or maybe three-word queries. However, searches on Google and other traditional search engines usually tend to be constantly changing and relatively longer.


You are fully aware that it is just not enough to attract more and more traffic because traffic alone would not be sealing the deal. The longer queries usually result in higher direct conversion rates. Top-level short queries, however, result in search refinement and additional clicks. This implies that while optimizing the product pages specifically, for search, you must strike a wonderful balance between gaining the large-volume short terms and quick conversions.

Search Volume

Since Amazon does not come up with accurate search volume, several search marketers are used to taking Google AdWords data that acts as a proxy. However, this data is not always error-free and accurate because of the existing differences in the kinds of queries. In order to obtain more accurate and realistic numbers, it is recommended to run a test campaign through Amazon Marketing Services. If you have no clue regarding what could be your initial step, we recommend the resources discussed below.

  • Google Shopping Trends would come up with shopping-specific results either by region or by category.
  • Amazon Autosuggest menu is a wonderful way of finding relevant Amazon terms. The data that you come across in the autosuggest drop-down could be effective in identifying top long-tail phrases or terms. You could initiate with just a number of product terms and soon, you would come up with a complete list.
  • Related searches’ functionality would be generating certain terms. This nifty widget would be triggered the moment a basic search is performed and would be appearing above the results.


This article should be helpful to you if you are thinking in terms of planning paid or organic Amazon campaigns. The discussion above should motivate you on generating relevant and meaningful strategies for optimizing product pages and driving paid media results.

Author Bio: Margaret Fischer is a SEM specialist in a reputed SEO firm in Austin. She has worked on a number of branding and marketing projects in the past and is an expert in social media integration in SEO ventures. She has also worked extensively with different keyword generation tools. She also writes a blog to guide and motivate marketers and professionals.

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