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Top 3 Destinations In Croatia For Family Vacation

>> Jan 4, 2017

For the past ten or so years, Croatia has developed image of a very tourist-friendly country, and thanks to that it's being visited by thousands of people each year. The great weather, combined with beautiful well preserved natural and architectural wonders, provide the perfect touristic environment for anyone who wants to have an amazing time. Croatia is also a perfect destination for family vacations and you can share memorable moments with your loved ones in some of the most interesting locations of the whole Europe. If you plan on having a family trip soon, there are some places in Croatia that you really have to visit and experience first hand.

Walking Through Ancient City Of Dubrovnik

One of such locations is definitely Dubrovnik, a great ancient city rich with historical and cultural attractions. The main one is undoubtedly the "Old Town", a proud symbol of city's great history and exquisite architecture of this part of Europe. The cobblestone paved streets, contribute to the overall atmosphere of the place, creating interesting, almost divine environment. Even with the Old Town being only 600 meters wide, it's full of monuments and historical sites. Your young ones will be thrilled to find out that they can even climb and walk among the iconic city defensive walls. The view from the walls is nothing short of amazing, as you can observe the whole city on one side and the waves of the Adriatic Sea blending with the shores on the other. Dubrovnik is also known for its rich and tasty local cuisine. These delicacies are standard items on the menus in majority of local restaurants.

National Park Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes is one of the biggest natural reserve in Southeast Europe. Since 1979, the park is listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Aside from that, Plitvice Lakes is also a great family destination and a great place for admiring mother nature in her true splendor. The most iconic place, as the name suggests it, is represented by the 16 lakes, which flow into small cascades. Even though the park has around 300 square kilometers, there are many touristic routes, through which you can enjoy in the most interesting parts of the park, and be amazed by this natural wonders. Although park is opened throughout the year, it's best to be visited between April and October, when the nature is in peak of its beauty and bloom.

Sailing To Hvar Island

Croatia is more than just mainland. Its numerous (more than 1000) islands are among country's the most valuable treasures. One of the most notable islands is Hvar, a place that impresses with both its natural and historical attractions. Located near the Dalmatian Coast, the island can be reached very simple, using Croatian boat rental services or by water taxi. The trip will be just amazing as the destination, because while you sail to Hvar, you will be surrounded by an extraordinary view, with the crystal clear water reflecting the sunshine. The island was firstly populated by Greeks, and the Greek motifs are still noticeable on many buildings. Architecture blends perfectly with the nature, creating a perfect landscape. So bring your photo camera and get ready to immortalize some of the most beautiful views. Among most popular attractions that are bound to impress your young ones, are popular Grapceva Cave and Blue Cave. Each cave with its own mood and beauty are there to remind us how unpredictable and wonderfully creative nature can be. 

If you want to experience a unique vacation with your family, Croatia is among top choices for that. Of course, these are just a few recommended locations. But rest assured there is so much more left for you to discover and I'm sure you and your family will have an amazing time in Croatia.

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