Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Why HVAC Contractors Insurance

>> Jan 23, 2017

HVAC systems are installed in both residential and commercial building in order to help determine heating, ventilation and air system. HVAC Contractors are charged with the responsibility to carryout HVAC repairs and installation service both at home and in commercial buildings. As a professional, you need to be insured to protect you from unforeseen circumstances. Bolt Insurance offers customized insurance policies designed to help meet your specific insurance needs when it comes to heating, ventilation and air conditioning.  

  • Commercial Liability Insurance policy – If in the course of your business operation any damage is caused, this policy will protect your business and help pay for any damages incurred.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance – workers compensation insurance tend to protect the interest of your employees when they fall sick or sustain any injury while working. 
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance – professionals offers  a specialized commercial insurance program for Artisans offering an enhancement rider that may include; Employees as Insured, Loss of Earnings, Towing Reimbursement, Wavier of Collision Deductible, and Rental Reimbursement.
  • Commercial Property Insurance – this has to do with the building where the business operations are performed. It covers all that is needed to keep your store in full operations.
  • General Liability Insurance policy – this insurance policy is formulated to take care of any loss incurred by the business in case of fire outbreak, theft, etc. 
  • Tool Insurance – the tools are insured and are classified accordingly. In case of any breakdown, this policy tends to be financially responsible for the expenses.

In recent times, insurance plays a very important role for business owner including HVAC contractors. Just like the different types of insurance outlined above, it is seen that each policy is designed to cover any risk that is associated with different areas. The insurance cover may be one year, six months or as desired by the owner or company. Without insurance, the process of solving such related problems of the business will be too hard for the company to go through. These HVAC contractors are not employed by the company or organization but rather they are hired or contracted for the period of time that the company pays the premium to cover for its operations. They are self-employed hence they earn more than the average worker and they are protected by contractor policy. This is designed in a way to cover for all the contractors’ costs and efforts in case of any claim from the insured. An example of contractor insurance is the professional indemnity. This policy is designed to protect and secure the contractor in case of any claim of negligence.

However, contractors are prone to the risks that come with being self-employed as it responsible for shouldering any risks that comes with its operation. They enjoy low tax rate compared to the average worker. It is more advantageous to insure your businesses for maximum operations and satisfaction.

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