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Teachergive Sale 2023

Easy Ways to Maintain Long-Lasting New and Used Tires

>> Jan 18, 2017

It is always exciting to be able to buy a car whether new or used one. Your next task is maintaining the car’s performance and appearance to keep it in great condition for years to come.  One thing that you should notice is maintaining the  performance of the car tires. You might have already bought the best quality tires that you can afford at a trusted tire shop like George's Tire Shop in Phoenix, AZ; but still you have to do things to uphold its durability. So, here is simple guidance to do it.
George's Tire Shop
Observe the air pressure inside each tire.

You should check the tire’s air pressure at least every three weeks or four weeks to the shop that offers tire repair and maintenance. It is suggested to fill the tire in the morning; the air is still cold outside so the air inside tire will not expand. In addition, pure nitrogen is better than just ordinary air for your tires since nitrogen (N2) is non corrosive, cooler, more stable and not easily affected by changeable tire’s temperature that caused by outside weather.  Choosing nitrogen will avoid you from frequent flat tires and support the durability of tires.

Regularly tire rotation, spooring and tire balancing.

Tire rotation can be done following the oil change schedule. Rotate the position of front and rear tires to avoid unbalanced pressure that might cause tire wear in different time. Spooring and tire balancing also have to be done to keep long life the tires.

Drive cautiously; stay away from holes in the road.

Though you already use the best tires, tire wire will happen faster if you often let it go through holes in the road.

Get rid of the gravels on the sidelines of the tire pattern.

Small stones that trapped between tire patterns will create increasing friction with the asphalt; it will lead to the quicker tire depletion process. If the stones become too deep into the tire, the chance to experience flat tires will be more often. Therefore you should spend times to throw away the road gravels from the tires –more or less every two weeks.

Protect the tires if you will not use the car for a long time.

Though in idle condition, tires that left stuck to a surface for long time enough might cause air inside tires expanding since outside heat is unpredictable. Thus it is better to lift up the car and cover each tire with cloth or special wrapper that you can get at your tire shop.

Note a reliable tire shop in your area that offers good mobile tire repair and maintenance.  

You have done things to keep the tires but still you might get any emergency situation related to tires. In case you need flat repair immediately while on the road, you can call the professionals that will come to solve your tire problem.  

Well, are you a Phoenix resident? Car owners in and around Phoenix are fortunate since the mobile tire repair and maintenance that offered by George’s tires Phoenix AZ shop can handle their tire needs whenever it required.

Hopefully following these tips will be helpful for you to have long-lasting tires and save your car maintenance budget on the whole.

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