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How Child Support is Determined Between Parents in Case Of A Divorce

>> Jan 5, 2017

Every year there are thousands of people who get married and there are thousands who file for divorce in the same year. Marital discord and separation has become very common in our day to day lives. Divorce settlements take a very ugly form when kids are involved in the entire ordeal.

Irrespective of the difference between the parents the family law lawyers in Brisbane and the court makes all possible attempts to ensure that the future of the child is not put at jeopardy.  

Child support means the legal obligation of a parent to support their children. If the child is living with you, the court assumes that you are in a position to fulfill the mental as well as financial need of the child. However, if the child does not stay with you, still you are obliged to pay child support as per your income.

Your duty towards the child in the form of child support continues till the child reaches a certain age of maturity or both you and your partner decides on the fact that the child no longer needs support. In general when a parent has the custody of the child, typically the non-custodial parent is required to pay more in child support. However, there are exceptions to the rule.

In case of joint custody, it becomes pretty difficult for the court or the family law lawyers in Brisbane to determine child support. Under such circumstances the court takes into account the percentage each parent contributed for the joint income as the sole bench mark and uses it to come to a judgment.

Secondly when a parent has the lion’s share of a child’s custody it is usually assumed that the parent with whom the child stays obviously bears a big part of his expense, which is why the other parent is asked to pay a bigger amount in child support. However it should be noted that step-parents do not have any obligation of supporting the kids of their previous spouses.

Child support is determined  by family law lawyers in Brisbane depending upon a few factors like wages of both the parents, tips and commissions received as part of his job, annual bonus and self–employment earnings. Interest, annuities, pensions, and retirement benefits also play a major role in determining the amount of child support a family law lawyer in Brisbane can claim for their client.

Another factor which plays a very important role in child support cases is the type of lifestyle to which the child is used to. If the child was experienced to a very high standard of living, it is the duty of the custodial parent to provide him with similar lifestyle. In cases where a child has certain physical or mental disabilities, the parents are required to pay more in child support.

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