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4 Reasons Parents Need to Stop Moaning About Their Kids Online

>> Feb 1, 2017

People are free to write just about anything that they want because of the freedom of speech amendment to the United States Constitution. They can moan and make other electronic noises of displeasure if they so desire. They can share their opinions as long as they are not violent or perverse. They may voice an unfavorable opinion on social media about anyone who is in their lives or used to be in their lives, including their children. However, doing such a thing could be unwise. Here's why:
A Majority of Children Frequent Social Media

Nowadays, the majority of children frequent social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so forth. They start using these sites as early as six years old in some cases. Therefore, an intelligent little kid may find himself or herself wandering on mommy's or daddy's Facebook only to find negative information. In some ways, reading something negative about yourself is worse than eavesdropping on a phone conversation or listening at the door or the wall. With over 1.8 billion active monthly users on Facebook, your child will find a way to get on the site. Words can be quite a sword, whether they are in the Bible, on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper or on some tweet text.

It Can Cause Tension in the Home

A kid who reads negative information about themselves on social media may keep silent because of the nature of the discovery. However, that will not stop tension from developing. The child may become very upset that the parent talked about him or her in a way that was less than perfect. It may cause a lot of uneasiness between family members within the home, and the home environment could become hostile instead of loving.

It Could Cause a Breach of Trust

In a worst-case scenario, the child could feel as though the parent breached their trust severely. The child may choose to deal with the breach by not talking to the parent. Even if communication continues, it may be altered. It may be cold and distant. The biggest reason that the child will feel hurt is that the parent didn't give them a chance to fix anything. You should always take your issues up with the other person before you discuss them on social media. The other person may offer a solution, apology or some other resolution.

It Could Cause Hate Campaigns

Finally, the social media blast may end up causing a hate campaign, even though that is not what you intended to occur. If your child has done something horrendous, other people will read about it, and such people may chastise your child. That chastisement may cause a large amount of guilt on your child and make matters worse than they were originally.

It isn't a crime to post about your affairs on social media. Some people see it as an outlet or a plea for assistance or advice from their "friends." However, social media posts can end up being harmful. Therefore, a parent must think everything through thoroughly before you post it.

Author : Adam Joseph

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