Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Gifts for New Houseowners

>> Feb 10, 2017

Moving to a new house is one big affair for everyone concerned.  If it’s a couple moving in to a new home, it will be an intimate affair as well, as they are creating another group of fond memories of their life together, as husband and wife.  Exploring the new neighbourhood together and sprucing up the new home as the time goes by is one great way for couple bonding.
For this very reason, it is important to buy a suitable housewarming gift for the couple, to convey your well wishes for their new home.  Below are some housewarming gift ideas for couple that you may consider buying for them.
1.   Living Room Decorating Items
You may consider more intimate stuff for the couple.  Throw Pillows with heart motifs and their names imprinted, for them to snuggle up and enjoy their television watching close together.  Some ornamental items which are heart shaped or have their names engraved are gifts to consider as well.

2.   Bedroom Decorating Accessories
A wall art, which symbolise their romantic relationship, is a great price of décor to hang in their cosy bedroom.  Pillow cases, bath towels or bathrobes with romantic pictures are also great gifts to consider.  Give them gifts which make them feel romantic in their cosy bedroom.

3.   Tech related items
For the techy couple, there are numerous gifts that you can buy.  If you want to help to keep the couple’s tech gadgets organised, buy them a charging station with valet tray.  This organiser even has the feature to keep the wires hidden, so that it is not unsightly. 

4.   Kitchenware
Cooking is one good way for couples to bond together.  From buying ingredients at the supermarket, to preparing the ingredients and cooking the meals in their newly decorated kitchen, to enjoying the meals is a romantic twosome affair.  One important thing to note is that buy this gift only when you know the couple enjoy cooking.  A set of plates and cutleries, a set of crockery or even a set of canisters or rack with seasoning are some of the ideal gifts for them.

5.   Drinkware
For couples who love drinking, this will be the perfect gift.  Give them crystal drinking glasses is one luxurious gift to give, which they will enjoy for years to come.  The type of drinking glasses to give depends on if they prefer red  or white wine, whiskey or champagne.  If they prefer whiskey, you may consider adding some whiskey stones in the gift.  If you have more budget, buying a decanter set (decanter with wine glasses) is a great gift to consider.

When considering which item is more suitable, do remember to ensure that you buy within your budget as well.  The above gifts come in varying amounts, hence you are sure to find one that is within your budget and not break the bank. 

With your thoughtfulness in place, you will leave a great impression with the recipients, giving the best housewarming gifts for couples.  They will be able to feel your sincerity and good attitude in choosing the gift for the new house move.

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