Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing comes of age!

>> Feb 2, 2017

If you’re planning to keep the existing layout of your home exactly the same but wish to renovate and improve its look, cabinet refacing can be the best solution for you. It allows you to completely transform your kitchen’s appearance without interfering with its original framework.
Not only will this approach save you considerable time and clutter, but it will also save you a lot of money. It just makes sense!

If your kitchen is intact and functional, there’s no need tearing it all apart.  Most architecturally sound cabinetry can be refaced. In the event that additional storage space is required, a cabinet reface may be combined with other matching cabinetry that is designed specially to give your kitchen a completely fresh look. Desks, pantries, free-standing islands or auxiliary cabinet units can be custom-made to boost the elegance. Plus, you’ll have the chance to choose from many different colors and style combinations.

Cabinet refacing offers a permanent solution

The double-lamination process associated with refacing implies that thin wood substrates are first bonded to the existing cabinet surfaces to boost durability.  Kitchen refacing actually strengthens your cabinetry, providing even more structural integrity for the future years.All doors and drawer fronts are replaced to complete your newly refaced cabinets. Choose from thousands of high quality heat, resistant resin-core laminate doors or attractive raised panel wood doors.

By preserving your current cabinetry, you can save enough money to truly create your dream kitchen. Go ahead- advance to a luxurious countertop, blend with storage accessories, and add those decorative moldings you might otherwise relinquish due to budget constraints.

Besides, cabinet refacing is environmentally friendly. You will feel great every time you enter your newly remodeled kitchen knowing that you took an environmentally responsible step. Since this restoration technique utilizes fewer resources, it will keep your adorable cabinets out of the hazardous landfill.

When you opt to reface your kitchen cabinetry instead of completely replacing them, you have done more than you might think. You have kept protected cabinet boxes against landfills, and you’ve preserved the materials, and you’ve not caused harm to your environment. Along with refacing, this might be the right time to include some additional changes to your kitchen.  Aside from getting a newly refaced space, you can also incorporate other fashionable components such as brand countertops, opportune rollout shelving, contemporary drawers, and additional cabinets for new appliances.

Facelift your kitchen cabinet today

If you’re seeking to give your kitchen a facelift at an affordable cost, consider refacing your already existing cabinets instead of stripping and installing new ones. It’s amazing what a small veneer and some new doors and drawer fronts can do to revitalize an aging space. Refacing your cabinets can be extremely cheaper and more eco-friendly than full kitchen cabinet or bathroom replacement. It’s also far less intrusive than switching to a wholly new model.

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