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Most Legendary Australian Football Players of All Times

>> Feb 21, 2017

Out of every game, every league and every sport emerge some of the most legendary and distinguished players, who despite their retirement and even after passing away, leave behind the stories of their legendary feats for the world. Similarly, the Football Federation Australia did not leave its citizens deprived of such positivity either and allowed some of the most talented players to showcase their skills.
Australia is a nation that loves sports and are always involved in it one way or another. There are spectators, there are professional players, there are those aspiring to make it to the professional teams, and then there are training institutions like the Just Football Academy that train and coach them to make the cut.

The Australians’ love for football is inimitable; and it’s this love that has created some of the most legendary football players of all-time, some of them even got inducted in the Australian Football Hall of Fame. Let’s go back in history and take a look at these acclaimed football stars: 

1.   Harry Kewell:

Kewell played as the attacker and winger for various clubs over the course of his career and was specially known for his outstanding skills on the field alongside his ability to beat players.  Kewell was an active part of 380 games and made 89 goals. Kewell also took part in international games where he made 19 goals with his flair. Kewell started out young and got his first breakthrough in Leeds. From then on, he quickly became known for his on-point goals. This legendary player won the Champions League crown.  

2.   Mark Bosnich:

Bosnich played as a goalkeeper who mostly played internationally and the world quickly got to know that it is nearly impossible to get any ball past his strong fort. He played 219 games in his career and was known as the world’s best keeper in the 90’s.

3.   Joe Marston:

Matron was inducted in the Football Hall of Fame in 1988 for his unbeatable playing skills as a defender. He was one of the best tacklers and was the first Australian to play in the FA Cup Final.

4.   Archie Thompson:

Thompson is a record breaking Australian Football player who made the most goals in a single international soccer game. His performance leads to the victory of his team. Thompson is known for his high speed, agility and crafty techniques. 


    5. Mark Viduka :  

      With his accurate techniques and stunning tricks, Mark Viduka was often at times unplayable. This Australian   striker dominated the NSL, before going on to play for Scotland and Croatia where he stunned the world with his superb skills. Finishing off the English Premier League with 92 goals, Viduka left the likes of Fernando Torres and Dennis Bergkamp behind.

The Australian National Soccer League and Australia’s love for the soccer has given young men and women a fantastic opportunity to fulfil their dream and become part of the International soccer scene.

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