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The Most in Demand Courses in the Future

>> Feb 15, 2017

In the Philippines, children have been taught the importance of a good education. This is the reason why they always end up striving to get into the best international schools in Manila. They believe that getting into these institutions will help them achieve a life that they will be satisfied with in the future.

It is significant to acknowledge, however, that getting into them is not enough. A student must also study and work hard to achieve success. Plus, if they want to easily get a job after they graduate from college, then they need to consider taking the following courses:

Photo Courtesy: princeton.edu
There are many engineering courses available in universities across the country. However, at the moment, the most in-demand one is manufacturing engineering. Mechanical engineering is second while electrical engineering is third.

According to Richard Zambacca, president, Randstad Engineering, these degrees will be highly sought after 2016. Particularly, this is because various industries – including entertainment and healthcare – will be seeking them out to work for them. These are all done in support of new, innovative, and advanced technologies.

Accounting and Finance
Photo Courtesy: citadel.edu
Business degrees such as financial advisors, actuaries, and accountants have been in-demand for quite some time now. Different companies and corporations rely on them when it comes to doing general business and money matters. Individual employees count on them as well to do their taxes and help them with their retirement plans – essentially because these things are often not taught to them in school.

At the moment, the highest paid job in the sector goes to senior accounts. Cost accountants and finance managers get second and third place respectively.

Information Technology
Photo Courtesy: www4.dcu.ie
Bob Dickey from Randstad Technology and Engineering Group states that those who took STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) courses are going to be highly sought after. He says this will be specifically because more and more complex issues in business compliance and cyber risk are going to arise. Companies will be looking for individuals, who have been trained well to protect their firewalls from hackers and cyber terrorists alike.

Human Resources
Photo Courtesy:myschoolcdn.com
Human resources or HR (as they are commonly known) will remain to be an in-demand course. Kathryn Bolt, group president, Randstad Professionals and Tatum, says that many organizations in the future will be gravitating towards HR professionals, who has a wide range of base knowledge and those that have a specific skill set. This is because the work environment is increasingly getting difficult. She says that they will be expected to do things like talent hiring, retention, and succession as well as compensation planning, while also contributing in business decisions.

Medical Courses
Photo Courtesy: commercialappeal.com
Those in the medical field, which includes physicians’ assistants, nurse practitioners, and certified registered nurse anesthetists, will continue to be in-demand. Primarily, this will happen due to the surge of the aging population in many first world countries like the United States of America. People would be looking for professionals, who can look after their sick and aged loved ones.

Ultimately, these are the courses that are going to be really popular in the following years. It is completely up to you if you want to study them once you reach college. But remember that you have to partner it up with hard work before and after you graduate!

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