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How to Determine You Have a Rat Problem at Home

>> Feb 2, 2017

There are a number of people who dislike cold weather. Apart from the fact that they have to deal with power outages and high heating bills, there's also the risk for a rodent infestation in the property. As a matter of fact, the National Pest Management Association conducted a study where they discovered that 45 percent of infestations typically occur during fall or winter season.
 With the cold season lasting a few more months, it is likely that rats will be looking for a new home they can use as source for shelter, food and water. As a homeowner, you have to know how to identify if you have a rat problem at your home. But how do you know for sure? Here are some things that will indicate you have a rat infestation or a risk for one:


One of the best ways you can determine there are rats in your home is when you find their droppings. These droppings resemble pellets with a size between 3-6 mm long. You can usually find them in your kitchen cabinets, pantries, under sinks, along baseboards, on top of wall beams and inside cardboard boxes that have been chewed.

Mice have been known to produce over 50 droppings a day so if you spot any of these in your home, you should know that there is an infestation. These droppings are actually considered hazardous to your health as they carry harmful bacteria that could transmit serious diseases. If you find one at home, make sure to use protective gloves when you dispose them so you do not get contaminated by any disease they carry.


Rodents usually use shredded paper products, packing materials, fabrics, cotton and wall insulation as materials for their nests. They like to hide their nests in dark, secluded areas where there is very little chance their homes will be disturbed. If you spot any of these materials spread out in your home for no apparent reason, it could be an indication that a rat has built his own nest in your home.

Gnaw Marks

To gain access to food and water, mice love to gnaw their way through just about any type of material they can chew on, even lead pipes and plastic. There are even some types of mice that like to gnaw on your electrical wirings hidden behind your walls. This leads to a potential threat for a fire, which explains why it's necessary to be on the lookout for rodents in your home.

Weird Noises

If you've been hearing weird noises in your walls particularly during nighttime, it could be an indication that you have a rodent problem in your home. These noises may be brought about by a family of rodents scurrying around your home. To avoid being seen, they use the walls to travel through your attic. The attic is one area that rodents love to build nests in because they are dark, secluded and undisturbed areas in the home. If you store any family heirlooms in your attic, make sure you use plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes to store them.

Track Marks

Another indication you have rats in your home is when you spot dirt or dark grease marks along your floorboards and walls. This is typically the case when these marks trail to one area in your home because of their oily fur. Whenever mice leave their nest to search for food, they'll leave behind these marks. Make sure to check out for these.


If you happen to see a mouse in your home, it could mean that there are already a number of rodents in your property. This is because mice are prolific breeders. Every three weeks, a female house mouse may give birth to six new offsprings. This means they can conceive up to 35 rats per year. And this is just one mouse. Imagine if the other female mice breed at the same time.

If you spot any of these signs, it could indicate that you have a rodent infestation in your home. Make sure to call a professional pest control company right away so that they can get rid of the problem for you. Not only are rodents a nuisance to your home, they are also a health hazard. And since they can quickly multiply, you expose yourself and your family to more health risks. They could also be the cause of a fire in your home, causing you more damage than you could imagine. So the moment you spot one of these signs, make sure to look for a professional pest control company right away.

Written by BugOut Pest Control & Lawn Care. BugOut Pest Control & Lawn Care offers the best service for pest control inColumbia, MO.

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