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Teachergive Sale 2023

Are Solar Shingles the Future?

>> May 31, 2017

As technological advancement become rigorous, innovative products such as solar shingles continue to proliferate in the market. Solar shingles utilize photovoltaic cells to generate electricity from the sun’s energy which generally produce 12 watts of power per square foot.

Advantages of Solar Singles
As a Building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) product, they may either use Copper Indium Gallium Selenide solar cells or mono- or poly- crystalline silicon cells.

This 2-in-1 roofing solutions is a good alternative to conventional solar panels and traditional roof shingles especially when homeowners need to have total roof replacement.

Here are the possible reasons why solar shingles continue to gain popularity in the market:

     Aesthetically Appealing
Solar shingles blend in seamlessly due to its structure similar to traditional roof lines and they come in variety of colors as well. They can be made from asphalt, concrete, glass, clay, or ceramic materials. This only means that the aesthetic appearance and overall architectural design of your home will not be compromised. Moreover, with this innovative product, you can do away with large and bulky solar panels because the same energy-saving mechanism will now be in your roof shingles.

     High Energy Efficiency
Since solar shingles are developed to convert sunlight into useable form of energy, they must yield highly efficient energy that may cover the building’s electricity requirements. Fortunately, solar shingles’ system efficiency is high enough to produce reasonable amount of electricity to sustain your home’s electricity needs. However, this BIPV still needs to be perfected in order to increase its efficiency like that of the traditional solar panels.

     Eco-friendly Roofing Solutions
This roofing solution produces clean energy from the sun. Consequently, it helps in protecting the environment by reducing carbon footprints brought about by fuel-generated electricity. Moreover, homeowners may save up to 40-70 percent on their electricity bills when they opt for solar shingles.

     Price Competitive with Traditional Shingles
The price of solar shingles started to come down and become price competitive with traditional solar panels. This may be more affordable if its production increases and become more accessible to more homeowners. Furthermore, if the savings you will get from electricity bills will be taken into account along with the total amount to be spend on roof replacement and installation of solar panels, solar shingles will cost less.

     Weather-resistant and Waterproof
Solar shingles are still a roof covering so it must still serve as a protection and barrier to all forms of weather elements that may damage the roof. True enough, this product can withstand heavy loads, damaging effects of natural elements and daily wear and tear, making your roof covering last longer. More importantly, solar shingles still make your roof water-resistant to prevent any leakage that may be detrimental to your roof’s integrity.

It is undeniable that solar shingles may replace traditional roof coverings and be utilized as energy saving solutions by every home in the future. This means that solar shingles may replace conventional shingles or solar panel arrays due to the number of benefits it delivers. If you would like to have these efficient and cost-effective roofing solutions, seek the help of authorized roofing contractors to have the product installed correctly at your home.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractor for roofing in Columbia, MO.

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