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Everything that You Need to Know about Week by Week Pregnancy

>> Dec 26, 2012

This article gives you informative details about pregnancy week by week. It delves and covers all the aspects of pregnancy.

Pregnancy! It is one of the most challenging and miraculous happening in life. This process entirely takes up to nine months and it is surrounded by full of anticipation and nervousness. Many people fear pregnancy and they just wonder what actually happens in these nine months that is needed to give birth to a new life. The rate of fetus development differs from one woman to another and so the week by week pregnancy guidance may differ in certain cases.

One through four
In the first week you will have your last menstruation period and during the fourth week the egg fertilization will start. This means it is the starting phase of the new life within you.

Five through eight
If you miss a period you may think that you are pregnant but this is not so all the time. You can miss your period due to several reasons and therefore you must go for a pregnancy test. The sixth month is very vital and during this time the heart of your baby’s starts beating. During the seventh week you can feel morning sickness, dizziness etc. in the eighth month the arm and legs of the baby will start developing rapidly.

Nine through twelve
During this period your body keeps on growing and tries to adjust with the fetus that is on the verge of growing. Although you may not able to feel but by this time the baby will start moving inside you and by the end of twelfth week the symptoms of morning sickness will start subsiding.

Thirteen through sixteen
By the end of thirteenth week you can easily able to identify the gender of the baby but that needs a high level of accuracy. in the fourteen weeks you will able to listen to the baby’s heartbeat during your visit to the obstetrician. As the bones of the baby start harden during this time therefore you will able to feel his moving in your body.

Seventeen through twenty
During this period of pregnancy your baby will start developing his internal organs and fine strings of hair will start covering the fetus, known as lanugo. It is during this period when doctors can able to go for the ultrasound test in order to exactly determine the sex of the baby.

Twenty one through twenty four
During this time your baby will start practicing the art of breathing so that we can get ready for the task when comes out into this world. Slight feeling of contraction can be felt during this period and you may also develop fat within your body so that it can regulate the temperature of the body after the birth.

Twenty four through twenty eight
During this time your uterus will get crowded and the movement of your baby will slow down. He will also able to listen to the sounds and feel the sensation of darkness and light from the outside environment.

I have just provided with a short detail above and there are still lots more to understand about the week by week pregnancy.

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