Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

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>> Dec 18, 2012

El-live Productions calls talented and true performers for auditions. The company is looking for musicians in the age bracket of 19 years to 39 years. Looking for a gig, nothing better than el-live Productions. You should possess the full entertainment factor and have an experience of minimum of two years of performing live on the stage.

Whether you are a vocalist or serious instrumentalist, el-live Productions welcomes you. The company remunerates very handsomely to its artists paying on monthly or bi-weekly basis. Along with the salary artists are paid for an airline tickets to the performance venue and return home. Your luggage is also booked through the airlines. You can expect to put up in swanky an accommodation, mostly in the five star hotels, where you are to perform or at the serviced luxury apartment. The company pays for all meals throughout the day, dinner, Breakfast, or lunch. You need to look good and presentable always, but do not worry about the laundry. The company pays for your laundry, ironing or dry-cleaning of clothes. Visa fees for the country where you have to travel and stay for performance along with any necessary paper work charges all are paid by el-live.

The hired artist will have to sign a contract of 12 to 14 months. Artists are expected to perform for at least 6 nights in a week and shall have one day off every week. The day off is ascertained according to the hotel, or nightclub where the band is performing. The working night comprise of 4 to 5 nightly Sets of 45-minute each. The number of sets may also change according to the hotel or club's policies. Although, most often you are asked to perform more than four sets. Rehearsals too are important to put up the final show immaculately, typically three to four rehearsals per week are enough.

The requirement is of versatile artists, as you are expected by the crowd to perform recent hits as well as classical melodies. Thus, be prepared to have a large repertory including Santana, Usher, Earth, Wind & Fire, Rihanna, Sade, Barry White and Eric Clapton. The company specializes in creating, developing, managing, and booking six pieces to seven piece bands. Daly nags and problems of life vanish once you are with el-live. All you need is just to show up on the stage punctually and do what you enjoy the most. Religiously follow the clear and detailed fail-proof guidelines provided to you and enthral the audience with your performance. Travel the world and experience the "picture postcard" place for yourself. All deals for gigs and performances are confirmed so there is no insecurity involved.

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